Distribution of school breakfast begins in the city of Cochabamba – El Diario

The school breakfast that will benefit students from 372 educational units in the city of Cochabamba began to be delivered yesterday. The act that started this activity was carried out at the San Antonio de Pucara school

This supplementary food will benefit 177,000 students from 372 fiscal educational units, convention centers, alternative and special training centers corresponding to the 15 districts of the municipality of Cercado.

The Secretary for Human Development of the Cochabamba Mayor’s Office, Jenny Rivero, reported that the school breakfast requires an investment of Bs 57,322,000 and that, while the pandemic lasts, the provision will be made on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the units owing Educational institutions distribute to students or parents on Thursdays and Fridays according to the menu corresponding to the week.

Students will be given fruity yogurt products, flavored yogurt, gelled dessert (gelatin), fruit nectar, chocolate milk, mixed cereal milk, fortified natural milk, milk with quinoa and apple, milk smoothie with fruit pulp, milk with oats, flavored milk, flavored lactose-free milk in regard to the liquid ration.

In the solid ration, puff pastry cake with cheese, bread with corn and cheese, cookie with quinoa and chocolate chips, assortment of corn, peanuts and toasted banana with raisins, roll with cheese, chocolate cookie with filling, extruded based on fruit-flavored or chocolate-flavored cereals, cake of different flavors, multi-cereal bar with chocolate or base multi-cereal bar with white chocolate, lemon pie flavor, puffed sweet corn (pasank`alla), wafer biscuit with filling of different flavors and filled alfajor with dulce de leche covered with chocolate. Mandarin or banana will be distributed in the fruit ration.

It was announced that this year shoes will be delivered to students of the initial and primary levels; however, it is expected that for the following year this endowment will also reach secondary school students and in September, the internet service will be inaugurated for all students and that it will facilitate them in the advancement of their subjects. (Cochabamba, agencies)