Dishes that can be made in an air fryer and you didn’t know.

For some time now, regarding the technology applied to the kitchen, there has been a growing boom for an appliance that came to revolutionize the way of preparing certain dishes without the need to use additional oils or fats; and that every lover of gastronomy who doesn’t want to sacrifice the healthy must-have in their life: air fryers.

However, many people use air fryers only to prepare common snacks like French fries or wings, without daring to explore creativity and experience the true scope that one of these kitchen allies could have. In this regard, there are already options that combine the healthy benefits of an air fryer with the benefits of a multifunctional oven such as The Smart Oven™ Air Fryer Pro, from the Australian luxury appliance brand Breville.

To broaden your horizons when you want to savor something innovative at home, the renowned chef and ambassador of Breville, Héctor Palacios, recommends some uses of an air fryer oven to prepare unusual dishes, taking advantage of the technological advantages of this appliance.

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables. If we want to enjoy a guilt-free snack thanks to not having to add fat, with the “dehydrate” function we can dehydrate everything from bananas, sweet potatoes and colorful beets, to fruits such as guavas and apples; either to snack between meals or even decorate cakes and other desserts with a very personal, healthy and delicious touch.

Afternoon snacks: Thanks to the Smart Oven™ Air Fryer Pro’s super convection system, which generates a larger volume of air to distribute heat quickly and evenly over food, it is now possible to prepare an afternoon snack like “fries” of zucchini, strips of dried meat or pieces of aubergine parmigiana.

Healthy and alternative breakfasts. To start the day full of energy, with this air fryer oven you can, for example, cook fried chicken satay with peanut sauce, dehydrated and light cookies, apple dumplings and even churros without oil.

Irresistible gourmet creations. If you are one of those who wants to take their cuisine to an even higher gastronomic point, chef Héctor Palacios suggests you explore the air frying technique to prepare falafel with spicy feta dressing, Korean-style chicken wings or spring rolls with sweet chili sauce. .

The technology, the gastronomy and creativity are not distant worlds, much less fought over; on the contrary, they represent a limitless combination to pamper the palate with new experiences that will transform our kitchen using all kinds of ingredients.

Now you can give a twist to your meals of the day by getting to work and taking full advantage of the air fryer function of The Smart Oven™ Air Fryer Pro by Breville, available in the brand’s e-commerce, Liverpool, Amazon and Williams Sonoma stores. . To give you an idea of ​​everything you can create with this smart and compact appliance, take a look at this recipe book with 21 different proposals to make or be inspired to create something else.