Discover cockroach in dish of Asian food restaurant

A woman received an order from a fast food restaurant in Xalapa, Mexico, and was in for a disgusting surprise. Although the moment he sat down to eat he didn’t realize what was there, just the moment he bit into a chicken nugget he visualized nothing more and nothing less than a cockroach. The story went public and the establishment apologized for it.

According to the Veracruz media, The unusual event occurred at Oriental Wok, a site specializing in Asian food. Through social networks, the young woman denounced what happened in the gastronomic place. “Imagine you order food through the Uber Eats app and suddenly you find this,” she wrote in the introduction to her release, along with a photo of her disgusting find.

After revealing what happened, the woman emphasized that the place did not meet health standards. For this reason, she exhibited the situation, with the strict objective that it would not happen again with another person. “Gross, I think I swallowed a leg, I had already taken a bite. What courage and helplessness. It’s not the money, it’s the carelessness they put into preparing the food and how unhealthy it is,” she maintained.

Although the sensations that passed through her body, in addition to disgust, were anger and frustration, after a few minutes the woman calmed down and contacted the restaurant through Instagram to get a response. As she did in the first publication, she shared on social networks the capture of the conversation that she had with the representative of the place.

“I apologize in advance, miss, we have never had an inconvenience like this,” was the first message she received after her release. Immediately afterwards, they told him that precisely on that day they had changed the lamps in the kitchen, and that for that reason the food could have small insects. “It was a big oversight on our part,” they told him.

After the unusual excuse, they offered him the corresponding apologies and made him a proposal: “I ask if you allow me to refund your money. I know there is no way to fix this as he may have ingested it. But at least get his money back. We hardly too”.

In another publication, and as explained by the media, the girl asked her followers not to attend the same place so that they do not have a similar experience. Likewise, she recommended that they select well the place where they are going to order food, and that it complies with all the regulations imposed by the Bromatology Institute in Mexico.

On the side of the pages specialized in making reviews, Oriental Wok has a 4-star reputation on the TripAdvisor platform. Although there are various positive opinions, some negative ones are also added, such as those of the woman’s testimony, and they made it known through messages.

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