Disc cooking, a fun way to prepare your favorite dishes

If you have visited Argentina or the south of Chile, the term ‘cocina al disco’ may be familiar to you. This innovative cooking technique is very popular in the Patagonian region, as the mild climate makes outdoor cooking a challenge.

It is a disc of carbon steel or in some cases cast iron. Its design and name is due to the fact that it began using a plow disk for this function. It was later discovered that this element was a better conductor of heat than the clay comal, another very used utensil in Mexican cuisine.

What can be done on the disk? Well, literally anything, from meat, chicken, pasta, paellas or even some kind of broth. Thanks to its manufacturing material, this disc can withstand high temperatures and is very resistant to scratches or other types of abrasion. It does not rust and can last for many years in perfect condition. It is also very easy to regulate the temperature. It can be cooked with firewood, embers or even gas. Some people even place it on the grill to grill vegetables while the meat cooks; And if we talk about Bolivian recipes, it is perfect for cooking arepas, sonso or even majao smoothie. As you will see, it is a tool with hundreds of possibilities and a relatively cheap price. Find it in markets or specialized stores, we are sure that you will give it a lot of use.

More information

  • The highest temperatures with the direct flame to the disk are used to seal meats or sear (sear) foods. To cook it slowly, it will be enough to use only embers. Normally the order is to place the meat first, then the vegetables and finish with the rest of the ingredients, broth, rice, pasta, etc.
  • If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do with your disc, it’s wash it. Well, being made of iron or steel, even if it is of good quality or ‘stainless’, water is not a good ally of these elements. It could get worn out. For that reason, it’s best to place the puck upside down over the fire until it’s hot, then wipe with oiled paper.