dinner with Jonatán Luna will be a meeting of styles

A meeting where two generations of modern Mexican cuisine will come together to create a “storytelling different”, “many surprises and games on the table”, is how he defines Odin Rock the dinner that you will prepare together with Jonathan Gomez Lunachef of Le Chique, in the restaurant mezcal inside the complex Montage Los Cabos.

“It is going to be an interesting interaction because, in addition to the fact that they are similar styles, that generational gap between him and me is going to help us to have a storytelling different. It will be interesting to see these two generations cooking with the same effort and vision, but from two different points of view”, commented Rocha in an interview for The universal.

The next dinner, which will take place on June 24 and 25 at the restaurant located in the Hotel Montage, will be a pretext for Odin Rock meet again with the kitchen of Le Chiquea restaurant where he worked in 2016.

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“It is a precise kitchen, with a storytelling beautiful. It seems to me that it is one of the kitchens that gives the most added value to the kitchen, that you really live an experience beyond taste. It is a pleasure to have him here because it will be the meeting with someone I greatly admire and whom I consider as a mentor”.

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In this sense, the menu will consist of 10 courses, where the theatricality, playfulness and organic mezcal will come to light with unpublished dishes that will be presented for the first time at this dinner, hand in hand with well-known recipes from Le Chique like the Black Mole Jonathan or the Golden Margarita.

The idea of ​​inviting chefs to mezcal to know his style belongs to a series of scenes that he organizes Xavier SolomonExecutive Chef and Culinary Director of Montage International. On other occasions, the cooks Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur and Dominique Cren from L’Atelier Crenn have been invited to this dynamic.

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sister restaurants

For Rocha, part of his gastronomic style is inspired by Le Chique and he even sees Mezcal as the “younger brother” of Gómez Luna’s restaurant.

“I would say that mezcal is the younger brother of Le Chiquethen there is a backbone that is the Mexican cuisine from which we take inspiration and the basis to develop what we do in the same way that Jonathan does”.

In his case, the chef odin consider to Jonathan as an inspiration for new chefs, since his style is rare in Mexican cuisine. “I take this opportunity with love and with the hope of showing Jonathan the kitchen, the ideas and the concepts that we develop. It is like seeing the seed germinate that at some point planted in me, ”she stressed.

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For its part, Jonathan will go to dinner with the idea of ​​enjoying the cuisine of odin and celebrate their work within mezcalsince, for him, the “host must shine”, without leaving aside good food and the idea of ​​creating a pleasant atmosphere for diners inside the Hotel Montage.

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