DIF Cajeme offers training and nutritional guidance on school breakfasts | What is relevant | News | DVT

With the objective of strengthening the consumption of nutritious and adequate food for the population in conditions of vulnerability, a training was convened for the committees and directors of the different public schools, both urban and rural, to guide according to food education in the preparation of hot and cold breakfasts, to be designed based on criteria that seek the health of children and adolescents, accompanied by actions such as quality assurance and favoring the optimal performance of students in their academic hours and during the rest of the day.

“Respecting the data presented by the School Breakfast Directorate, approximately 250 thousand breakfasts are delivered monthly, which are distributed to 175 schools, including preschools, primary, secondary, high schools and special education, of those 77 are urban institutions and 98 are rural ; Relevant figures that show us the full extent that breakfasts are having, and the positive impact that it means in the day to day for many girls, boys and adolescents”, she expressed.

The General Director of DIF Cajeme, Marina Herrera, reiterated the total willingness of DIF Cajeme to serve the community and establish collaborations that seek the most complete development of our municipality, with special emphasis on children and adolescents, who are the future. of the city and its profitable growth must be promoted.

Present as leaders during the training were Samuel Borbón Lara, General Director of Food Programs and Food Development, and Pedro Ismael Rodríguez García, Coordinator of Nutrition and Food Guidance; who also reiterated the joy of maintaining joint projects with DIF Cajeme, to ensure the well-being of all, and the little ones, which should be an urgent issue for the municipal authorities