Diet, salad to lose 5 kg: easy scheme

The salad diet is a diet that can lose up to 5 kg in a week. The salad diet scheme is easy to follow as well as providing health benefits such as reducing a bloated tummy.
The salad diet is typical for summer but easily followed in winter as well. According to nutritionists, to lose weight with salad, just eat it at the beginning of the meal. This is a very common habit among the French, very healthy because it hides several benefits for the body.
First of all, eating it before lunch or dinner gives a sense of great satiety, which leads us not to exceed any subsequent courses usually rich in carbohydrates and fats.

Salad: benefits for the metabolism

This also makes it possible to shorten digestion times and effectively stimulate the metabolism. This helps to control blood glucose levels. In fact, the fibers contained in the salad allow to absorb less fat and carbohydrates, in favor of the nutrients that are subsequently taken.
Salad diet allows you to vary your diet in a creative way. There are different types of salads that can be combined in a tasty way with vegetables and dried fruit. The most used salad varieties are lettuce, escarole, iceberg, radicchio and rocket.
All these different types allow, in equal measure, to fill up with nutrients and vitamins essential for the sustenance of our body.

Salad: health benefits

Here are the main benefits of the salad:
purifies the body: source of water and very few fats, eliminates toxins and excess waste;
fights constipation: provides precious fibers. Ideal for those suffering from chronic constipation;
antioxidant effect: especially green salads are rich in vitamins E and C, folic acid, lycopene and beta carotene. It is these nutrients that counteract cellular aging, as well as stimulate blood circulation;
antitumor action: source of flavonoids, a valid help against the formation of cancer cells;
it defeats tiredness and stress: eating salad regularly allows you to fill up on mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium phosphorus as well as vitamin B6. The latter are especially useful in periods of both physical and mental fatigue;
help against migraines: lettuce, in particular, contains a substance called lactucarium which relieves headaches.

Salad diet: scheme for weight loss 5 kg

The salad diet includes a breakfast with a coffee or a glass of skim milk. A fruit or a low-fat yogurt is added to the drink, replaced by two wholemeal biscuits if you really can’t do without this little morning pleasure. for the mid-morning snack you can eat a seasonal fruit (maximum 150 g). Lunch and dinner must then be balanced, providing for the consumption of a salad at the beginning of the meal.
During lunch, the salad can be accompanied by a slice of wholemeal bread or a boiled potato, a dairy product or cottage cheese or cooked ham.
At dinner you can eat a portion of up to 150 grams of white meat or blue fish, or two eggs. Nutritionists recommend accompanying this nutritional scheme with the intake of about two liters of water a day, as well as limiting the consumption of alcohol and coffee.

Before starting the salad diet it is recommended to ask the opinion of your doctor or a specialist, a recommendation that we always make in all the diets published on our site. The salad diet is not suitable for those suffering from major diseases such as diabetes and more.