Details of the Tlayuda Festival and Mexican snacks in Los Pinos

After the controversy that was unleashed during the inauguration of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), the federal government announced the Tlayuda Festival at Los Pinos Cultural Centerwhich takes place from this Saturday 26 and you can still know the Sunday March 27where you can not only taste the tlayudas, but also other popular Mexican snacks.

In accordance with alexandra fraustSecretary of Culture, the festival that is taking place in the House of Corn and Food Culture in what was the former house of the Executive in turn, will have the presence of “tlayudas, doraditas, tlaxcales and the best of the kitchen”, including the huaraches toluqueños offered by Guadeloupe Pineapple who was criticized for selling them at the AIFA.