Details of the menu that Ambrosía prepares for lunch at Cerro Castillo

It was Irina Karamanos who directly called Carolina Bazán, the chef and owner of the Ambrosía restaurant.

Bazan, distinguished as Latin America’s Best Female Chef in 2019 for the prestigious 50 Best Restaurants awardamong other accolades, He says that he thought it would be to invite her to the change of command -despite not knowing her personally-.

“We want you to come to Cerro Castillo to work on March 11,” the new First Lady told him instead. She gave him three guidelines: to prepare a menu that was not very sophisticated -It is common, explains the chef, that when foreign delegations come, they are given lobster or spider crab, which Karamanos did not want-; that it be the same meal for the heads of state as for the nearly 100 advisers who will attend the lunch; and that the breakfast that Gabriel Boric will have with the residents of Cerro Castillo have the same importance and presentation as lunch (for example, that they use the same linens, so that the second is not seen to be more important than the first).

Karamanos then turned the conversation to Karen Morales and Adrián Sepúlveda, who are in charge of coordinating the banquet for the new government.

Bazan sent two proposals: one more traditional and the other more elevated gastronomically. Finally, what the Boric administration chose is a menu that includes four cocktail bites -they asked him to have a quick cocktail because there is an hour and a half for the whole lunch-; and then at the table they will serve laminated tongue with tuna sauce; cheeks with pomegranate beans and blood sausage; and for dessert mote con huesillos. The vegan alternative is a roasted eggplant with hummus and humitas as a background.

The heads of state will sit at a U-shaped table, the advisers in a lounge area with sofas. And the decoration will be flowers in white and cream tones, by Carolina’s sister, Constanza Bazan.

For breakfast, meanwhile, the residents of Cerro Castillo – also seated at a U-shaped table, with fruit arrangements in the center – will eat carrot cakes, marraquetas with egg pans, turkey sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and granola. . And to drink: natural orange juice, kambucha, coffee and tea.

It is the first time that the caterer has prepared a lunch at Cerro Castillo, but not that she has prepared a change of command: for the Piñera 2 takeover, Bazán was in charge of the cocktail that the president gave back to La Moneda. “It was different,” explains Bazan. Because that time it was a cocktail for 1,200 guests. This time it will be a more boutique lunch.