Deputy asks to lower costs of air tickets from Central America to the DR – telemicro news

Santo Domingo. Deputy Franklin de la Cruz, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Sub-headquarters of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), made a call this Tuesday to the responsible authorities to reach an agreement in order to lower the cost of air tickets from Dominican Republic towards Central America.

During the First Integrationist Confraternity Breakfast, organized by the Dominican caucus before PARLACEN, de la Cruz took advantage of the occasion in front of representatives of the accredited diplomatic corps in the country and his colleagues present at the activity to make the proposal, including a call for the selection or choice of the next Secretary General of the Central American Integration System (SICA), an organization that has been without a manager for about a year.

¨I would like to present to you, members of the diplomatic corps, two concerns that we could jointly promote before the authorities of our respective countries: The first would be the appointment of the secretary general of the Central American Integration System (SICA), a position that is headless. Our second concern lies in the implementation of an “open sky” initiative between Central America and the Dominican Republic, since there is a gap around the cost of airfare, “said Deputy Franklin de la Cruz.

The regional deputy affirmed that air tickets “are usually very expensive” to travel to any Central American nation and it can be evidenced when a ticket for that area is purchased and compared with a ticket to travel to the European continent.

He said he was confident that both concerns could be accepted by the countries that attended the breakfast. The activity was attended by the ambassadors of El Salvador, Mr. Oscar Armando Toledo; of Guatemala, Mr. Javier Antonio Zepeda Hernan and the lady Iris Audelly Acuna Huete, for Nicaragua. The aforementioned diplomats pondered both proposals from deputy Franklyn de la Cruz, who belongs to the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD). Also present was Ambassador Hichame Dahane, from the Kingdom of Morocco, a nation that participates as an observer in the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN).

On the other hand, the words of welcome were given by the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Dominican State before PARLACEN, honorable deputy Rosa E. Solis Paulino, and the closing of the event by the Panamanian deputy and vice president of her nation’s caucus, Sandra Noriega.

A large delegation of honorable deputies from the Dominican caucus attended the first breakfast of the brotherhood of Central America and the Dominican Republic, which has a free trade agreement, which includes the United States; that is more than two decades old and that is currently being reviewed by the Dominican government authorities.