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“Deliveroo 100”: the “Poke Bowl” is the star of 2021 on the tables of the world

The “Poke Bowls”, the fish, rice, vegetable, fruit and salad salads, which from Hawaii have conquered the tables all over the world, quickly becoming one of the reference dishes for those who love to eat “healthy”, are the star of the “Deliveroo 100”, the ranking of the 100 most popular dishes around the world according to the leading online food delivery platform, so much so that the Hawaiian dish, incredibly instragrammable and nutritious, was the favorite in six different countries and occupies 40% of the global top 10, with the “Salmon Poke” of Pokèria by Nima in Florence even at the top of the global ranking, followed on the podium by the “Rice Noodle Meal” of the TamJai Yunnan Mixian of Hong Kong and by the “Build your own Poke Bowl ”at London’s Honi Poke. One of the most popular specialties of 2020, Hamburger, has been confirmed as one of the favorite choices for food delivery around the world, with 18 positions out of 100 occupied in the ranking. Deliveroo also saw an increase in food orders from supermarkets on the platform, with avocados from Waitrose in London or bananas from Giant in Singapore topping the list.

The trend of Poke Bowls, in Italy, is also confirmed by numerous other appearances in the ranking of clear Hawaiian inspiration: such as Makito’s Rainbow Poke in Quartu-Cagliari (position n.13), the Ipoke di Ipokeyou in Arezzo (45), the Pokewaii Pokè in Bolzano (48), the Hawaii Poke Pokè in Verona (60), the Pokè by Koko House in Cagliari (75), the Spicy Tuna Poke by Poke House in Milan (83) and the Pokèria by Nima in Milan (89). Scrolling through the “Deliveroo 100” we also find the Schiacciata by All’Antico Vinaio in Milan (21) and Florence (86), the Pollo allo spiedo by Giannasi from 1967 in Milan (31), the Bacon Cheese Burger by Five Guys in Rome ( 51) and the Kos – Pita Gyros of Ristorante Greco Ilios also in Rome (97).

With so many people still working from home around the world, classic lunch choices such as wraps, sandwiches and salads have never been more represented in the “Deliveroo 100” as this year. 20% of the 2021 list includes the Broodje Zeedijk (Sandwich with smoked chicken and bacon) by Slagerij Vet in Amsterdam, the Mediterranean salad of Vios by Blu Kouzina in Singapore and the Pain poulet fumè aux èpices (Mediterranean flatbread with spiced chicken) of My Tannour in Brussels. Not to mention the most frequently featured lunch dish on the list, with 13 positions occupied: needless to say, the Poke Bowl.

But it’s not all raw fish and salads. “Comfort foods” – hamburgers, burritos and kebabs – occupy a third of the positions on the “Deliveroo 100”with some favorites including Grease Monkey’s Greasy Burger in Canberra, Aberdeen’s famous FreshMex Burrito and Mont Berliner’s Klassiker in Lyon. With more and more supermarkets joining the platform around the world and the demand for food has skyrocketed since the first lockdown in 2020, it’s no surprise that some of the grocery list items have made their way into the top 100. Among these, Waitrose Avocados in London, a bunch of Bananas from Giant in Singapore and Carrefour’s Jupiler Beer in Antwerp.

Lastly, this year’s top 100 also shows how people are enjoying local specialties alongside more classic options. Among the most popular local specialties, Les oeufs mayonnaise “Champions du monde” by Bouillon Service in Paris, the Schiacciata modular by the Antico Vinaio in Milan or the Julientje (seasoned fries, crispy onions, mayonnaise, stew sauce and spices satiate) by Frittur Frans Hooiaard in Belgium.

Focus – The 100 most popular dishes on Delivero around the world in 2021

1. Salmon Poke by Pokèria by NIMA (Ponte Carraia), Florence

2. Rice line+a meal (Rice noodle meal) of Yunnan Tanzai Rice Noodles TamJai Yunnan Mixian, Hong Kong

3. Build your own Poke Bowl from Honi Poke, London

4. Double Cheeseburger ™ from McDonald’s, Hong Kong

5. Egg mayonnaise “World Champions” (Egg with mayonnaise) by Bouillon, Service Paris

6. virtCheeseburger of Five Guys, London

7. Greasy Burger from Grease Monkey, Canberra

8. Create your own Poké Bowl from Ohana Poké Sushi, The Hague

9. Burrito bowl by Guzman Y Gomez, Singapore

10. Hawaiian Poke Bowl Sweet Chicken Bowl, Ghent

11. Pita Chawarma poulet (Shawarma kebab) from Mezzencore, Paris

12. Wagyu Original Set + Drink by MOS Burger, Hong Kong

13. Rainbow Poke Bowl by Makito – Quartu, Cagliari

14. FreshMex Burrito, Aberdeen

15. Baked pasta balls (V) (N) Baked Bread Balls of PizzaExpress, Hong Kong

16. Tomatillo Tex-Mex to Go Chicken Burrito, Amsterdam

17. Spiced Smoked Chicken Bread (Mediterranean Spiced Chicken Wrap) from My Tannour, Brussels

18. Pad Thai (g / f) (n) by TING THAI CARAVAN, Edinburgh

19. Tommy the Chook Burger of Boss Burger Co, Geelong

20. Build your own salad bowl from The Daily Cut, Singapore

21. Schiacciata modular (Build your own Schiacciata / Sandwich) by All’Antico Vinaio, Milan

22. Gratin de Penne façon Livio (Pasta Bake) by Livio Piu, Paris

23. 2-Course Pho Noodle Set from Nha Trang, Hong Kong

24. Grilled Chicken Burrito from Tortilla, London

25. Mediterranean salad bowl at VIOS in Blu Kouzina, Singapore

26. bubble tea (tea bubbles) of Tenren tea Tenren Tea, Hong Kong

27. Hugo Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich of South Dowling Sandwiches, Sydney

28. Gangnam Chicken Boneless Chicken, Amsterdam

29. Big Mac® McMenu® of McDonald’s, Brussels

30. Black Daal House (V) in Dishoom, London

31. Grilled Chicken by Giannasi from 1967, Milan

32. Takoyaki (8topic) – Takoyaki – Octopus balls in DonDonDonki, Hong Kong

33. The hamburger of the beast in Kokomo, Bordeaux

34. Broodje Zeedijk (Smoked Chicken and Bacon Sandwich) by Slagerij Vet, Amsterdam

35. Mary’s Burger at Mary’s, Sydney

36. Menu The Braised Burger (Burger) from Le Braised, Lille

37. The Pepperoni Pizza by Dough Bros, Hong Kong

38. Chocolate ice cream by IJssalon Intermezzo, Tilburg

39. Legit Special Fried Rice of Oriental Teahouse, Melbourne

40. The Original German Doner Kebab by German Doner Kebab, Reading

41. Five Guys Style French Fries by Five Guys, Den Haag

42. Burger Single Stack from Royal Stacks, Melbourne

43. Burgerism Meal of Burgerism, Manchester

44. Classic Cheeseburger from Dumbo, Paris

45. Poker of Ipokeyou, Arezzo

46. Assam Hainanese Chicken Rice (Served with chicken rice and clear chicken soup) (Assam Hainanese Chicken Rice (with Rice for Chicken Soup and Clear Chicken Soup) by Asam AsparagusHong Kong

47. Burrito by Guzman Y Gomez (GYG), Australia

48. Pokè di Pokewaii, Bolzano

49. Original Frozen Yogurt + Toppings by Snog, London

50. Build your own pasta from The Italian Bowl, Sydney

51. Bacon Cheese Burger by Five Guys, Rome

52. Small Poké Bowl from THE POKÉ SHACK, Amsterdam

53. Poke Bowl by Poke Lab, Toulouse

54. Avocados of Waitrose, London

55. Formule döner kebab Surpriz by Berliner Kebab, Paris

56. Create your own Poke Bowl from Surfside Poké, Liege

57. Zambrero Burrito, Australia

58. Pita Gyros by Vleesch Noch Visch, Amsterdam

59. Chicken Burrito from Stuff’d, Singapore

60. Pokè of Hawaii Poke (University), Verona

61. Double Chicken Pratunam Rice (Double Chicken Rice) Water Gate Chicken Rice Chicken Pratunam Rice in Hong Kong

62. Korean Honey Garlic Fried Chicken Menu by K-Town Street Food, Paris

63. Build your own Poke Bowl from The Poke Shack, London

64. Dannylicious Burger from Danny’s Burgers Melbourne

65. Fish Burger by MOS Burger, Singapore

66. Empire Cheeseburger in Manhattan, Brussels

67. Jerk Chicken and Chips by White Men Can’t Jerk, London

68. Margherita Pizza of Madness, Den Haag

69. Croissants at Tiong Bahru Bakery, Singapore

70. Original Chicken Roll from Chicken & Blues, Bournemouth

71. Classic (kebab) from Mont Berliner, Lyon

72. Whopper of Burger King, Singapore

73. Jupiler beer (33cl) from Carrefour, Antwerp

74. Build your own Chidoz Burrito, Eindhoven

75. Poker at the Koko House, Cagliari

76. Four Food Cheese Noodles (Four Tagliatelle Al Cart) by Yongnian shop Wing Nin Noodle, Hong Kong

77. Classic Butcher’s Burger, Sydney

78. Medium Spaghetti Kastart by De Kastart, Ghent

79. Salad bowl from SaladStop !, Singapore

80. KFCIn the foreground1people eat KFC Privilege individual meal for 1 person at KFC, Hong Kong

81. Cavendish Banana (1 Banana Pack) by Giant, Singapore

82. BBQ Black Pepper Chicken from Cold Storage, Singapore

83. Spicy Tuna Poke by Poke House (Isola), Milan

84. Burger Combo from Spratchie’s Burger, Liège

85. Dragon Roll (sushi) by Dragon, Amsterdam

86. Schiacciata modular (Build your own Schiacciata / Sandwich) by All’Antico Vinaio, Florence

87. Margherita Pizza of Neapolitan Education, Brussels

88. Wanton Noodles by Pontian Wanton Noodles, Singapore

89. Pokèria by Pokèria by NIMA (Sanzio), Milan

90. Pain au Chocolat bakery in Renard, Brussels

91. Fresh French fries with homemade mayonnaise (Chips and Mayo) by Firma Pickles BV, Utrecht

92. Siew Mai (dim sum) in Kimly Dim Sum, Singapore

93. Natin (pork and shrimp soup) from Le Petit Cambodge, Paris

94. Sushi Tei salmon sashimi, Singapore

95. Chips with Sauce by Beastie Burgers, Mechelen

96. Margherita DOP of Pizza Tripletta, Paris

97. KOS – Pita Gyros at the Greek Ilios Restaurant, Rome

98. Wild Mushroom and Truffle Sauce Gnocchi by Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, Brisbane

99. Plate | 12 Pieces (Ravioli) from Casa dei Ravioli, Marseille

100. Julientje (French fries, crispy onions, mayonnaise, stew sauce and saté spices) by Frituur Frans Hooiaard, Ghent

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