Delicious chipotle chicken tinga tostadas, an easy recipe

The Mexican food It is for something, one of the most liked in the whole world, and for those of us who live in the country, we love its flavors, even when they are the more homemade preparations and daily ones, like this incredible chipotle chicken tinga tostadas recipe that will fascinate you, because it is easy to do and it also has an intense flavor that you really do not want to stop enjoying, which stands out a lot for the chipotle pepper.

And if you’re wondering, What does the chipotle chili bring to this recipe?, not only are you going to discover it when you prepare it, because here we tell you a little why it is so recommended to use it. It turns out that this chili They’re not here spicy like others, but also has a slightly sweet touch extremely smoked that raises the seasoning to another level, in addition to sharing some spices that will add an ideal complement.