Del Castillo and Eva Copa make peace and meet again in El Alto

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The Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, and the mayor Eva Copa made peace and met again this Tuesday in a public act in the city of El Alto. A few months ago, the now burgomaster filed a complaint against the government authority for alleged “political harassment”, a case that was filed.

“We share a breakfast with the mayor of the city of El Alto, Eva Copa, and the Bolivian Police, to exchange criteria in relation to the fight against citizen insecurity and take respective actions,” the minister wrote on his Twitter account.

The authority shared some photos of the meeting, in which they are seen smiling and enjoying breakfast, where they were sitting side by side. This meeting began the Reunion for Citizen Security, where several Police units participated.

Three weeks ago, Mayor Copa reported that the complaint for political harassment that she filed in 2020 against Minister Del Castillo was filed by the justice system. She then lamented the judicial bureaucracy and said that she will request the reopening of the case.

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“I have also suffered political harassment and that is why I have made the complaint against the former chief of staff or general secretary (Del Castillo), who was at that time in the Senate. Unfortunately, the process has been archived, I have had to send notes for it to reopen, but it is so bureaucratic: you have to send a note there, another note here, another note there, and it tires a person,” Copa said.

The case dates back to November 2019. After the resignation of former President Evo Morales, then-legislator Eva Copa assumed the Presidency of the Senate, replacing Adriana Salvatierra. At that time, she decided to remove Del Castillo as senior official of the Upper House and accused him of harassing her and psychologically assaulting her.

After completing her management in the legislative body, in November 2020, she filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office for “political and psychological harassment”, within the framework of the Comprehensive Law to Guarantee Women a Life Free of Violence.