Daniela Ospina showed the surprises of her boyfriend and her daughter

The weekend was very busy and joyful for many, and it is not for less, because in much of the world Mother’s Day was celebrated and on social networks they were seen sharing and enjoying with this loved one.

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There were many personalities who showed how they were surprised, and also the gifts, details of love they received from family, friends, etc.

One of them was the businesswoman Daniela Ospina, who was seen very well cared for, pleased and happy to be with her boyfriend, the Venezuelan actor Gabriel Coronel with whom she has a very stable relationship and with whom she was seen being in this such a special day

And it is that, on her social networks, on her Instagram account, Daniela Ospina showed how her boyfriend woke her up, with a delicious and nutritious breakfast that was not expected, but that he made and offered her from love. In addition, she let it be seen that she was enjoying her company and that she was happy for that show of love.

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But it was not all. Some time later, she shared with her boyfriend on the Formula One tracks, where she spent a very different mother’s day with Gabriel Coronel and several friends, with whom she enjoyed this great sport.

Daniela Ospina let it be known that her little daughter Salomé, who has given her this title of mother, was not celebrating this special day with her, so she revealed the detail that she left handmade with all her love to let her know wishing you a happy day. Daniela also showed how much her daughter missed her and how happy she was for such a beautiful detail.

Where is Salome?

The businesswoman’s daughter Daniela Ospina Mother’s Day did not happen with her, and although at the time, the model also revealed the detail that the girl left for her by hand and did not account for where her daughter was. It was learned that she has been with her father for several days.

And it is that Salomé is the daughter of Daniela Ospina and the Colombian soccer player, James Rodríguez with whom she had a relationship for several years, but for several more years they are not together and the little girl spends days shared with her parents, although she is her mother with whom he spends most of the time.

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On his Instagram account, James Rodríguez showed how happy he was, not only with his little girl, but also with his son Samuel, with whom he spends unforgettable days and who surely enjoyed the love of his grandmother, María del Pilar, and his aunt , Juana Valentina to celebrate Mother’s Day with them.