Cuitláhuac’s slap to his maker and master





Who knows what fly would bite Governor Cuitláhuac García who dispatched himself with a breakfast for journalists on the occasion of Freedom of Expression Day, when it is common knowledge that he does not even give water to the Gallo de la Pasión.

Breakfast did not stop surprising because Cuitláhuac detests, abhors and abominates journalists. He has no empathy with the guild and on more than one occasion he has insulted and humiliated them. But this Tuesday he recognized them and let loose on them at the Center for Studies and Research in Public Security in Lencero, the venue for the event.

In order not to lose the custom, he said that there will be no impunity for anyone who attacks a journalist. And the head of the SSP, Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado, who was sitting next to him and whose elements attacked some reporters who were doing their job a few days ago, didn’t even notice.

“Remember that we have made every effort to put an end to the attacks against journalists, leaving the message of zero impunity very clear,” he said without the slightest embarrassment.

Only that in that sense the effort of his government should not be much where Veracruz is one of the most dangerous entities to practice journalism. This is confirmed by seven reporters killed in his administration and the countless threats that some have received.

At the table of honor were, from left to right, Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado, Governor Cuitláhuac García and Prosecutor Verónica Hernández Giandáns. “They just lack the little number on their chests” a colleague told me. To one side of the Prosecutor sat that zero to the left named Iván Joseph Luna Landa, who is paid as Coordinator of Social Communication.

Was he the one with the mistake?

What mistake?

A gargantuan blunder.

This Tuesday Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, head of the Office of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic and one of the most powerful men in the country due to his closeness to the president, was in Xalapa. More than responsible for communication, Jesús is the main adviser, the Pepe Cricket of López Obrador. With him and with no one else does the Tabascan consult the truly tricky matters of his government, and Andrés Manuel listens to Jesus and to no one else.

Jesús is an intelligent, discreet and efficient guy. He was the founder and director of the newspaper Regeneración, the official organ of Andrés Manuel. He has been with him for over 20 years and his loyalty to the president is unmatched. López Obrador has special affection for him because he has never failed him.

Jesús came to Xalapa to receive an award for his journalistic career at an event held annually by the Club de Periodistas de México AC, Veracruz delegation, organized by Uriel Rojas Martínez. Every year Uriel extends the courtesy to the governor in turn to invite him and every year the governor attends or sends a representative.

This time neither one nor the other.

Either because they did not tell him (and one of those who had that obligation was Iván Joseph Luna), or because Cuitláhuac did not consider Jesus of his stature, the joke is that he did not attend the event hosted by the mayor of Xalapa, Ricardo Ahued and Uriel Rosas himself.

But there was more. Ramírez Cuevas chose Veracruz to publicize an ambitious program aimed at giving Social Security to ordinary journalists who do not have a stable job or fixed income. This program, which is already a reality, was heavenly music for the colleagues who are financially helpless because they will see their benefits as of August 1.

Cuitláhuac’s snub to Jesus was such that he did not even reply to his message on the state government’s networks. For Cuitláhuac the visit of Jesús Ramírez did not exist.

It will be interesting to see the president’s face when he asks Jesus how the governor treated him and finds out what happened.

The rudeness, the lack of education, the Cuitláhuac slap was not only for Jesus, it was for the president, the man who made him a people.

Those who know Chucho assure that he is not a spiteful guy. But Andrés Manuel is and he will hardly let an insolence of that size pass by his most trusted man.

What the Tabascan will do remains to be seen, but it will not be good for the Veracruz governor who not only jumped the bars, but also went too far.

The one who applauds and supports is Sergio

Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, president of the Chamber of Deputies described as historic and unprecedented the program to grant social security to independent journalists, launched by President López Obrador.

He said that the Chamber of Deputies joins in proactively and will do what is pertinent so that this program, which is launched from the Presidency of the Republic, is strengthened and reaches the greatest number of journalists, especially in Veracruz.

This Tuesday and within the framework of Freedom of Expression Day, President López Obrador announced the implementation of this social security program that includes medical service, pension, maternity care and childcare, among other benefits. The resources for the Program will come from 25 percent of the budget allocated to government advertising.

Gutiérrez Luna recognized the daily efforts of Veracruz journalists to inform their audiences in a timely and truthful manner. He highlighted the passion, dedication and commitment to the truth of his fellow journalists with whom he has created a special empathy “because we are all interested in Veracruz, we agree on that and we will continue forward, with respect for freedom of expression and the right to information that we all have,” he said.