Cubans take to the streets without having breakfast

Cubans are forced by the State to give up the most important meal of the day, breakfast, because in the midst of the current economic crisis there is no milk, there is not enough bread, nor the coffee quota, nor is tea sold.

In a recent report from Cuban Journal you can see the responses of the people of Havana to the question ‘What did you have for breakfast today?’ Most said “nothing”.

The country faces one of the worst economic crisessome claim that it is cruder than the Special Period, because there is practically nothing that can be purchased at an affordable price, nor in a stable way.

The little supply found in the markets has a high value due to the inflation that has hit the island since the government of Miguel Diaz-Canel approved the Ordering Task, in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.

“I have a colleague who comes to the office every day wanting to urinate, because cooking moringa makes her sick. I haven’t been able to buy milk, it doesn’t exist, there isn’t even MLC, for weeks. The coffee lasted me 15 days. In Havana we all live on moringa, although no one says so,” a source, who does not want to be identified, told CyberCuba.

Many Cubans allocate the bread they buy for supply book so that your children can snack during the day. What they put inside that bread can vary, from a handful of sugar to a slice of ham, the luckiest.

milk is missing of the stores, it is not found even in freely convertible currency (MLC). A bag of the powdered product can cost a thousand pesos. The State only guarantees dairy products for children and in increasingly restricted quotas.

Thousands of residents on the island suffer from extreme poverty and economic vulnerability. A mother in Guantanamo confessed that she is forced to sell her daughter’s milk so she can buy other food. They subsist without social assistance or institutional support.

In February dozens of Cubans responded indignantly to the statements of the Minister of Economy, Alexander Gil Fernandezwhen he stated that the government “does not cease efforts to guarantee powdered milk for the most vulnerable”.

The comment generated discomfort, since the people no longer believe in these “government efforts.” The prolonged lack of basic food leads thousands of families to go out to the streets to work and study, with nothing in their stomachs.

You can no longer count on water with sugar, the famous “miroldo”, which saved Cubans in the Special Period because the sugar quota was also reduced and the pound in the informal market is increasingly expensive. Nowadays, those who have something for breakfast in Cuba are lucky.

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