CRIT trusts that the State Government concludes management with zero debts – Pedro Canché News


Cancun.- There is an “enormous progress” by the State Government to settle the debt they inherited from the previous administration with the Teletón Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRIT), commented its director in Quintana Roo, Eduardo Martínez Salgado, who trusted that the six-year term ends without earrings.
In an interview during a breakfast on the occasion of Volunteer Day, the director pointed out that it was difficult to attend to this debt of many years, but they are “very happy” with the collaboration of the state government.
Currently there are seven payments to be made, those that you trust will be covered month after month to finish without debts. Then it will be time to speak with the authorities of the next government, who they hope will also want to support the work they do in favor of children with disabilities.
Regarding the electoral campaigns, Martínez Salgado clarified that they do not participate with any party, but any candidate can come to see the work they do.
Regarding his volunteering, the director explained that more than 200 people come to do volunteer work, in areas ranging from therapies, to fundraising, administrative tasks, help with the bazaar, among others.
“There are those who have been working with the CRIT for 15 years, as well as others who are just joining the CRIT,” he explained.
Today’s breakfast is significant, because due to the pandemic they were with limited capacity and without volunteering for about two years, so this occasion serves as a “banner” to resume these activities and welcome the team that joins the CRIT, serving 700 families.
“There were many who left Cancun, so there is a new group that is integrated,” he said. “We are fine, but we always accept new hands, for those who are interested.”

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