Counselor Gabriela Bravo suggests that Mónica Oltra should resign | Valencian Community

The Minister of Justice and Public Administrations, Gabriela Bravo, has suggested this Tuesday that the Vice President and Minister of Equality, Mónica Oltra, should resign after a court has requested her imputation for the alleged cover-up of the abuse of her ex-husband to a minor ward: “Of course, in a situation, beyond criminal responsibilities, in which I could compromise the credibility of the institution I represent, I would plan it.”

Bravo in an interview with the Cope chain, has indicated that we must wait to see if the Superior Court of Justice charges Oltra, but has admitted that the situation is “complicated” because “we are talking about a minor under the guardianship of the Generalitat” and there are “three sentences that in the proven facts do not leave the Administration in a good position.”

Bravo’s position collides with that maintained until now by the head of the Valencian Government, Ximo Puig, who has always maintained his “trust” in the vice president. Puig, who has been asked several times in the Cortes about the case, has pointed out that the vice president has given “repeatedly explanations” on this issue in the regional parliament and that the Consell was “waiting for what it has at the time the Superior Court of Justice”.

In this sense, he stressed that he could not comment on what his colleagues at the Consell should do because “each one is the owner of their decisions and has their own scale of values”, but he has pointed out, on a personal basis, that “each one must knowing where ethics comes from because in politics having ethical values ​​is very important”.

However, he lamented that unfortunately in this country “the culture of resignations has not exercised much.” “It seems that we have to wait for convictions and sometimes it is important to separate criminal responsibility from political responsibility, even from what may affect the institution,” he maintained.

Thus, he stressed that the Socialist Party in this legislature has given “clear examples” that “there are red lines that cannot be maintained”, while the PP are being more reluctant.

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Bravo has insisted that in “politics you have to be clear that sometimes there are political responsibilities, which does not mean that they are criminally responsible, but you have to consider that certain decisions may or may not harm the institution you represent.” Therefore, he has claimed that “right now, when citizens have a lack of credibility in democratic institutions, important efforts must be made to protect them and be exemplary.”