Corazón de maguey and its new breakfast menu

Corazón de Maguey used to serve delicious breakfasts on the weekends, but now it has fresh, hearty and traditional breakfasts every day of the week starting at 8:00 in the morning.

A great reason for choosing to have breakfast at Corazón de Maguey is that during the week and early, Coyoacán is delicious. And it’s not that crowded weekend afternoons, with music, street performers and craft stalls, don’t have their charm, but at that time of the morning, Coyoacán has that bucolic and calm air.

With the birds singing and the aroma of freshly cut grass, the Centennial Garden is the ideal place to start your day in a peaceful space without leaving Mexico City.

Savoring a breakfast at Corazón de Maguey

Corazón de Maguey’s breakfast menu is priceless: it is diverse, plays with seasonal ingredients and pays homage to the classics that we like to have for breakfast in Mexico City.

From yogurt and salad, fresh and healthy, in case you are taking care of your figure and you usually have a light breakfast, to tamales and classics to cook raw, such as birria or barbecue.

We start in the most traditional way possible, with freshly baked sweet bread, which you can accompany with the classic American coffee, but also with pot coffee or chocolate.

The alternatives healthy

Photo: Azucena Pacheco

We continue with a bowl of very fresh blackberries on a base of creamy avocado yogurt, a beautiful, healthy and ideal dish if you are one of those people who prefer a light breakfast.

We also tried a breakfast salad of pears, with lettuce, ate and topped with amaranth. The portion is large, so it can also be a single dish for your breakfast.

maguey heart breakfast

Photo: Azucena Pacheco

To raw or have a strong breakfast

We continue with one of the queens of the place, a tatemada barbecue tetela, typical of the Oaxacan Mixteca.

It is made from Creole corn from Amatlán nixtamalized in the restaurant and is stuffed with beans and topped with barbecued lamb cooked for 10 hours, which is later grilled on the comal. It is accompanied by creamy avocado, sprouts and watermelon radish.

maguey heart breakfast

Photo: Azucena Pacheco

We continue with a delicious and broth dish of birria, which, thanks to its twelve hours of cooking, gives the meat a texture that melts in the mouth, and the consommé is specific and well concentrated. It is accompanied by red onion and sprouts.

You can accompany all these dishes with a wide variety of smoothies and shakeslike the fruity sunrise, which contains strawberry, kiwi, papaya and orange.

Or if you want something stronger, you can also opt for a clamato, which has Los Danzantes mezcal, pulque, clamato and is frosted with worm salt.

The Heart of the small producers of our country

maguey heart breakfast

Photo: Azucena Pacheco

Most of the ingredients with which Corazón de Maguey works its magic come from small and fair trade producers, such as the chinamperos of Xochimilco.

They have been buying from them for 14 years the edible flowers with which they adorn your dishes, as well as legumes and sprouts, lettuce and other products.

And for dessert, in addition to a typical Canarian tamale from Querétaro, why not treat yourself to a ride on the Tranvía de Leyenda? On board you will learn the stories, myths and legends that surround this small town in the middle of the city that is Coyoacán.

maguey heart breakfast

Photo: Azucena Pacheco

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