cooks mx José Luis Ponce, lagoon sculptor creates medals

Torreon, Coahuila /

Cooks Mx around the World magazineIt will carry out its first ceremony where it will recognize the Mexicans who offer the national seasoning in different latitudes. Directed by the chef Soledad Ornelas, on April 6 next sand will do the decoration in the city of Dubai, awarding the winners award ‘El taco de oro’, a sculptural work by the lagoon artist José Luis Ponce.

The sculptor pointed out that in this way he will be a sponsor of the gastronomic meeting and will travel to the United Arab Emirateswhere a couple of days before he will finish the sculptures by placing gold elements and some diamonds.

“What I am doing for Dubai is the most recent. They sought me out through a gallery in Paris to make some trophies, some awards for an event for a magazine called Cocineros Mx por el Mundo. I began to talk with them and soon the girl liked some ideas that I passed her and we have been in communication for a week.

Because José Luis Ponce is in Torreón and Soledad Ornelas in South Africa, they began the virtual dialogue reaching the agreement that Ponce was a sponsor contributing his work. So he will travel to deliver the awards.

“The prize is called the Gold wad. This medal is designed to represent Mexican food, so it does have a taquito, literally, it is the idea that they showed me and they asked me and there I made some suggestions. My aim is for this proposal to become an icon of Mexican food abroad.

“The event and the award arise from the magazine and it was based on a vote they made internationally on how Mexican food was presented, in this case the tacos in different restaurants where there are Mexicans in the world and well Six medals will be awarded to the different categories. It is intended to make a lot of noise because it is the first event that is held at an international level rewarding Mexican food.”

In 2019 Cocineros Mx was founded

Cooks Mx around the world was founded in Dubai in 2019. It is currently a community that has more than 3 thousand members whose mission is to make Mexican gastronomy known around the world, support Mexican chefs and restaurants, as well as facilitate Mexican food preparation processes with local ingredients.

The idea started on Facebook in 2020

Start with a group Facebook that grows exponentially offering multiple services such as Mexican cooking classes and recipes adapted with ingredients from each country. They achieve a global presence in more than 30 countries on their different platforms.

Thus, in 2021 the project grew

• Web page

• Social media

• The Taco de Oro Guide (Printed guide that contains more than 600 Mexican restaurants around the world)

• Bimonthly Magazine’MX cooks around the world with a presence in more than 30 countries

• Currently has more than 3 million associated subscribers in the world

The platform reaches more than 100 countries in 2022

They manage to expand the presence of the platform to more than 100 countries.

• The first Annual El Taco de Oro Awards Ceremony

• Establish the first school virtual Mexican gastronomy at an international level in 6 languages

• Generate the first App/Directory at a regional and global level translated into more than 25 languages

• As a social support, the MX Chefs Around the World Foundation