Concytec recommends healthy lunch boxes for schoolchildren to achieve good physical and mental performance at school

The National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec) through its virtual Pop Science program, recommended to the Peruvian population some alternatives for healthy lunch boxes that contain proteins, iron and other nutrients which are essential to prevent future diseases and achieve optimal physical and mental development in the growth stage of their children.

It is important to clarify that the lunch box does not replace breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is a snack that allows children and adolescents to consume some key foods mid-morning or afternoon to recharge their batteries and thus be able to continue with their schoolwork and achieve a optimal physical performance.

In a mega-diverse country in terms of flora and fauna where there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables to choose from, Concytec recommends consuming foods that are produced in your closest towns. For example, for the children of Ayacucho, their snack could be a quinoa dessert or three parboiled mashuas accompanied by a slice of cheese and a barley drink.

Those who live in Lima or Callao can eat a sandwich with a hard-boiled egg and avocado or bread with chicken or pejerrey accompanied by an apple drink. In Ucayali, the best option would be to eat some yucca donuts or a small portion of cecina with parboiled yucca accompanied with a camu camu soft drink. These are light snacks recommended for school days with reduced schedules like the current ones.

When returning to the full day, a piece of fruit should be added to these recommendations so that the snack includes between 10 and 15% of the nutrients that the children should eat daily.

Drinking liquid is important and therefore you should choose to drink natural soft drinks such as: emollient, lemonade, orangeade, or fruit water from your locality. You should avoid soft drinks, energizing or rehydrating drinks, juices and nectars that come in bottles or boxes as they contain a lot of sugar and are harmful to health.

Snacks such as sweets, cookies, packaged cakes, ultra-processed foods are tasty and addictive. However, they are not recommended to be consumed daily. For a better orientation, when choosing them, it is important to consider the black octagons that go on the wrapper where they carry messages such as High in sugar, sodium or saturated fats.

For more healthy alternatives, Concytec provides you with the website of the National Institute of Health ( where you will find a list of delicious lunch boxes that, in addition, take into account the area of ​​residence, especially if they are elementary, primary or secondary school students.

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