Con Feitura, a new paradise for breakfast lovers in Narón (A Coruña)

Last february 4Galician Square naron (A Coruña) incorporated a new proposal to its gastronomic offer that has breathed fresh air into the hospitality sector of the region. with honor offers a wide range of products for have breakfast or celebrate late breakfastbetting on promoting the proximity product.

On Fifteen thousand we wanted to know a little more about the offer of with honor and Jessicapromoter of the initiative, explains to this newspaper that this project has arisen from a conscientious research work that has led them to visit different parts of the countryin search of testing different existing proposals and finding the exact key to undertake their project in Narón.

The reception in these first days has “been very good” and Jessica considers her bet to be something “that was missing in the area and that it is completely different“. They are currently in a process of listening to the needs and appreciations of customers who come to your establishment because, Jessica points out, “we want to take special care of those people who decide to visit us and adapt to the type of service they require”.

gastronomic inclusion

Jessica values ​​the importance of offering vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free alternatives so that no one feels “discrimination” when going out for breakfast. “I have one celiac friend who was traveling with her and had to go with her cookies in her pocket and that was what pushed me to create something that avoids these realities”, details the entrepreneur.

In this line, it has allied itself with the naronesa bakery holy who will be responsible for providing with honor of different gluten-free products with which to complete a menu in which other firms with a regional seal stand out, such as the eco coffee from Cafe Eron (Neda).

The fruit cups with denominations with a clear Naronesian identity are part of the proposals that with honor makes available to its customers to become a reference in terms of breakfast. Thus, the cup or the bowl Penelas offers a mix of yogurt, banana, biscuit and chocolate in pieces or the modality Meadow Hair incorporates the strawberry, kiwi or walnuts to the yogurt equation.

Bagels, sandwiches and sandwiches constitute the range of products for salty lovers who may choose to incorporate Eume cheese, Salmon smoked or chickpea flour cakeamong other ingredients, to this careful breakfast.

Innovate, the key to Confeitura

enhance the Galician identity in the name of the premises or of the products included in the menuIt was something that at Confeitura they were clear about what they wanted to do. Among its values, the firm commitment to local producers or the incorporation of some differential proposals in terms of services.

Although at the moment they do not have active home service waiting to fully settle, with honor makes available the modality put off to be able to enjoy these hearty breakfasts anywhere.

In the same way, from the narones establishment they are working on implementing a gift box proposal with which to surprise on a special day. Jessica explains to Fifteen thousand that the I would love to have the service active for next March 19coinciding with the celebration of Father’s day.

Another of the offers with honor wants to extend is the organization of lunches and breakfasts for groups which, subject to prior reservation, would allow the celebration of a special event or a work agape.

Digitize hospitality

On with honor they have started this business adventure with a page own website that allows direct communication via WhatsAppfavoring that the potential client knows the complete gastronomic offer.

take care of the presentation of the productwith a plating that has been studied or a marked presence on social media They seek an approach to the citizens of Ferrolterra through the new communication tools, they mark the roadmap of this new project that has already found the support of the clientele in Narón.