Comunes militants denounce irregularities in internal elections and point to Mix

Through a letter, leaders denounced that to date the register has not been disclosed pointing to the current National Directorate and they alert vices in the process since the president of Tricel is a direct relative of the deputy Claudia Mix.

Complications continue in the Commons party. A group of community leaders and representatives in popularly elected positions denounced irregularities and lack of transparency in the framework of the internal election next May 8.

In the elections, the United lists will face each other, a proposal for continuity of the current leadership headed by Ka Quiroz, and the list “In the street we are more” headed by the mayor of Macul, Gonzalo Montoya.

In the letter, the signatories point out that “a few months ago we stated how serious and unusual it was to find out, through the National Directorate and the Electoral Qualifying Court (Tricel), that the list of militants who will participate in the internal election was already closedbefore there was even the call for elections by the internal organs of the party».

Then, they stated that “it is impossible to justify such a lack of probity and transparency. This situation is unprecedented in democracymoreover, only the military dictatorship dared to hold an election without knowing the electoral roll with which it would be held».

Along with this, the letter highlights that “We still do not know the company or person who will be in charge of the development of the elections and, therefore, we do not know the platform that will be used to vote, the voting facsimile, the order of the lists, candidacies and the conditions to vote.”

Finally, the militants express: «Those of us who sign this letter feel obliged to put out a democratic alert, when we have found out that who chairs the Tricel is a direct relative of the current deputy Claudia Mixwho is a candidate for the Political Council of the party».

“In addition, everything becomes even more dim when we find out that one of the compañeras who is running as a candidate for the General Secretariat of the Party on one of the lists (Unidxs) is currently a direct official of the deputy Claudia Mix«, they conclude.