Colombian cuisine: how to prepare 12 of its famous recipes

Colombian food is very varied and rich in flavors. Among its most popular dishes are the Colombian suckling pig, the paisa tray, the sancocho, the ajiaco and the aborrajados.

We share 12 Colombian recipes, among the popular ingredients Potatoes, pork, bananas, cassava and corn stand out.

1. Paisa tray

Tray paisa
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The paisa tray is one of the most popular dishes in Colombian cuisine. A hearty dish includes rice, sausage, eggs, beef, avocado, pork rinds, beans, and arepas.

2. Colombian suckling pig

Colombian piglet
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The suckling pig is a traditional recipe of Colombian cuisine, it is especially enjoyed in Christmas celebrations. A typical dish from the department of Tolima that It is recognized throughout Colombia, June 29 is the National Day of La Lechona.

3. Colombian arepas

colombian arepas
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As in Venezuela, arepas are a very popular corn preparation in Colombia, although in their preparation some ingredients are usually added that make a difference, such as milk, butter and sugar.

4. Sancochos

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Colombian sancocho is a broth that is prepared with different types of meat (beef, chicken and pork) and that also includes green plantains, potatoes, yucca and corn.

5. Colombian stuffed potatoes

Colombian stuffed potatoes
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Stuffed potatoes are usually prepared in various parts of Latin America, although each region has its own distinctive flavor. The filling of Colombian potatoes includes ground beef, tomatoes, egg, rice, and spices.

6. Ajiaco

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Ajiaco is a traditional soup from Colombia that has chicken, different varieties of potatoes and corn; It is usually served with avocado and accompanied with capers.

7. Colombian aborrajada

Colombian aborrajadas
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Colombian aborrajados are a traditional preparation from Valle del Cauca, they are made of fried ripe plantain, stuffed with cheese and with a crispy batter. They can be enjoyed as a side dish or an aperitif.

8. Colombian hogs

Colombian Pigs
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The Colombian marranitas or piglets are a typical dish of the city of Cali. It is a fried preparation whose main ingredients are green plantain and pork rinds.

9. Cassava bread

Cassava bread
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Cassava bread is a traditional Colombian bread of simple repair, its main ingredients include cassava flour and fresh cheese. A to enjoy at any time of the day, especially at breakfast.

10. Overbelly in Creole sauce

Overbelly in creole sauce
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The sobrebarriga is a typical Colombian main dish whose main ingredient is the sobrebarriga, a cut of meat from the side of the stomach of the beef and salsa criolla.

11. pillowcases

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Almojábanas are a traditional Colombian bread made from cheese curds and corn flour. If you don’t get curd, you can use fresh cheese.

12. Corn Cuchuco

cuckoo soup
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The corn cuchuco is a typical Colombian soup of simple preparation. Cuchuco are peeled and chopped corn kernels that you can find already packaged.

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