Colloquium breakfast at the Casa de Iberoamérica on technological innovation in the tourism sector

‘The Program of Intelligent Tourist Destinations’ is the name of the colloquium breakfast that will be held on May 31 at 10:00 in the Casa de Iberoamérica and which will have as its core the application of technological innovation in the tourism sector. The event, organized by the Institute for Development, Employment and Training (IFEF) and the Municipal Tourism Delegation, is also part of a collaboration agreement between the IFEF and the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers of Western Andalusia.

The colloquium will be attended by Carlos Romero Dexeus, director of Research, Development and Innovation of the State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (Segittur), dependent on the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda and attached to the Secretary of State for Tourism.

The intervention will delve into the project on Smart Tourist Destinations, which aims to promote the sustainable development of tourism while promoting the digital transformation of tourist destinations and areas in Spain. The proposal is a development model based on governance, innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility to guarantee the future of the sector.

In this regard, the Councilor for Tourism, Montemayor Mures, has stressed that “the digitization process of the tourism sector in Cadiz is one of the priorities that are part of our Strategic Plan, based precisely on these criteria of sustainability and governance, fundamental for the development of sustainable tourism for which we are committed”.

To register for this colloquium breakfast, which is free but places are limited, it is necessary to register at the following link:

On the other hand, the IFEF has also organized an online webinar for Thursday in the framework of this agreement with the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers of Western Andalusia at 12:30 with the title ‘5G, key ingredient of the Port of the Future ‘ in which Cádiz-Port, the Association for the Promotion of the Bay of Cádiz Port, is also involved. This online meeting will also serve to present to the attending companies both the Municipal Placement Agency managed by the IFEF as well as the economic activity of the special employment centers located in the city.

To attend this training, registration must be made at the following link:

The Councilor for Development and Employment, Carlos Paradas, wanted to assess the importance of collaboration between the different City Council delegations and also with the community to carry out initiatives such as the previous ones. “We cannot continue to think as watertight compartments, but we must have a global approach both inside and outside the local Administration, which will allow us to have more enriching results”, he concluded.