Clericot, an ideal cocktail for every occasion

This refreshing and soft drink has fruit and red wine as its main ingredients.

Clericot also called clericó” is a cocktail made mainly with red winealthough today we can also find it with white or rosé wines.

In the world of cocktails there is a wide variety of cocktailslike the emblematic cosmopolitanthe traditional Daisy flowerthe Daiquiri or the Bloody Mary, which are drinks that should not be missing from our menu. You can meet the most famous cocktails in the world here.

But the clericot is a more pleasant cocktail, smooth and suitable for summer, as if it were a drink intended to be shared, although it does not lose its character for that. Besides, one of the main ingredients are fruits, from apples to strawberries, passing through peaches, melon, oranges or grapes. In addition, different juices, sodas or spirits such as vodka or brandy, for example, can be used.


The origin of the clericot is Roman. It was born in the festivities in honor of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and trees. This tradition was enriched with the Celtic celebrations, who celebrated a knight named Samhain, drinking wine during the same dates.

In Indiawhile it was an English colony, it was customary to drink this drink in a claret-type glass (high-walled glass previously used to serve Bordeaux wine), and therefore received the same name. It was with the arrival of English to the American continentspecifically to countries like Argentina and Uruguay, when the drink began to be called clericot” or cleric”.

Its preparation is simple. First, the previously washed fruits are cut into small cubes and placed in a jar. The drinks are added, there is no specific order, but it is recommended to add them one by one and not all at the same time so that the color is attractive and not cloudy.

Finally, it is left to rest for at least 15 minutes to concentrate flavors and aromas. It is very similar to mulled wine, a drink that is made with the same ingredients, adding spices and that is widely consumed in Europe during the last months of the year.. The difference, as its name indicates, is that it is heated and served that way, while the clericot is not, the perfect service is served with ice

Clericot is an accessible option for those who want to find a light cocktail, which is why it has earned a place on tables around the world.

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