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Point where the very different flavors of the port converge, the Gastronomic Market “March 18” of Ciudad Madero It is a destination that you have to know if food is your thing, either for breakfast or to eat after a dip in the Miramar beach.

Here we tell you five tasty reasons so that on your next visit to the oil city you do not think twice and please your palate and stomach:


A traditional dish of Ciudad Madero They are Pipo’s tacos, which since 1976 have delighted families in the southern zone. Is about cochinita pibil taquitosbathed in juguito and accompanied by the inevitable carrots, chiles, and purple onions. They come in order of five tacos, or you can order a torta, both options are sensational.


Another emblematic dish from the southern area of ​​Tamaulipas is the delicious empanadas of salpicon, shrimp, crab, or mixed. In addition to the stew, in the empanada the rich flavor of its dough is essential, with its touch of salt and its soft consistency, but resistant enough to withstand each bite of the diner.

Remember that an ideal accompaniment for your empanada is the spicy sauce from La Jaibita.


If you are looking for the flavor of home, the vendors welcome you in the market with a wide variety of foods such as marinade, meatballs, mole with chicken, pork, beef steak, stuffed chilies and chicken with tomato sauce, to name a few.

Prices vary depending on the business, but you can find a good dish with their freshly made tortillas from 50 pesos.


Seafood is one more of the culinary attractions of the coastal area, and in the Market “March 18” had to be present. you can find cfish aldo, cocktail and shrimp cake, stuffed crabs, fried fillets and fish filletsamong another long list of dishes, whose orders you can find for about 65 pesos, depending on the place.


Similar to a gordita, but with more mass, the bocolitos are also a reference among the gastronomic culture of the Huasteca. Stuffed with stews such as chicharrón, shredded meat, red or green egg, or beans with cheese, the bocoles are a warm delightfresh from the comal, thanks to the seasoning that the butter gives it.

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Located in the downtown area of ​​Ciudad Madero, on Álvaro Obregón avenue, in front of the Red Cross, the Gastronomic Market It is a must stop for any flavor lover. You can go from Monday to Sunday, in a hours from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.