Cholesterol: with this food you can reduce it at breakfast

Cholesterol is an essential lipid for the proper functioning of the body since, among other functions, it will collaborate in the production of vitamin D. Although if we exceed its consumption, a level of high cholesterol which can drastically affect health. That is why we present three fundamental foods for you to incorporate into your healthy dietwhich will significantly reduce bad fats and with it the chances of suffering cardiac arrest and stroke, among other more complex pathologies.

The cholesterol It is known fat molecule that can be present in the body through two ways: the first, through the synthesis generated by the liver itself, while the second can be through the food we eat. In addition, on the other hand, there is a third way that usually generates high cholesterol: obesity, hypothyroidism, high alcohol consumption and obesity.

In this framework, scientists maintain that having a high cholesterol impairs blood circulation in blood vessels, narrows arteries and hardens their walls. In turn, the cholesterol good cholesterol plays a vital role in removing bad cholesterol from the heart, transporting it through the arteries and breaking it down in the liver. Therefore, we suggest you consolidate a healthy diet with 3 foods that will help in this task.

A fundamental superfood for health, and in this case to work on lipids, is the avocado. This fruit will be healthy for the heart, helping to improve the levels of cholesterol in overweight patients. In addition, its high fiber content affects blood glucose and the risk of suffering from other diseases. To that we must add olive oil, where specialists affirm that they contain healthy fats and suitable for better health, avoiding bad cholesterol.

Photo: Pixabay

Finally, citrus fruits should also be added to the healthy dietnot only controlling the high levels of cholesterol, but also some more serious diseases. Among these foods, the consumption of lemon, orange and grapefruit is recommended, as they will help make the arterial walls more flexible and counteract high cholesterol.

Photo: Pixabay