Cholesterol: the drink you should have for breakfast and it will help you lower levels

High cholesterol is characterized by the presence of lipids in the arteries that will be responsible for obstructing blood flow, at the same time that they will harden the arterial walls. Science has been busy finding solutions to this problem of cholesteroltherefore there are various drugs that help reduce it. At the same time, there are also natural recipes that affect the level of lipids, therefore we will explain how a drink as frequent as orange juice helps keep these fats low.

Although the cholesterol It is essential for the optimal development of the organism, the high cholesterolwhich occurs silently, threatens to expose the body to heart disease. Therefore, specialists recommend quarterly check-ups to start treating this pathology as soon as possible. In some cases, professionals prescribe drugs called statins that reduce blood fats, but others opt for natural measures such as orange juice.

In this context, developing a diet focused on fats and not doing physical activity constantly will cause the high cholesterol begin to spread through the arteries. Consequently, good habits will be transcendental when it comes to improving this pathology and avoiding drastic situations such as heart attacks and other coronary diseases. And one of the keys to achieving this is thanks to the intake of the aforementioned drink made from oranges.

The study looked at 129 participants between the ages of 18 and 66 and 41% of these subjects consumed 480 milliliters of orange juice per day for twelve months. The researchers found that percentage of participants had significantly lower levels of cholesterol bad, clearly marking the importance of eating the drink.

Photo: Pixabay

Likewise, a diet that includes orange juice will also provide significant levels of vitamin C and folic acid. Therefore, in addition to reducing the high cholesterolthe drink proved to be beneficial from other points of view, such as enhancing the barriers of the immune system. Consequently, cholesterol will find an enemy thanks to citrus.

Photo: Unsplash