Chingu Amiga visited the Central de Abastos in CDMX and these were the fruits that made her cry

There is nothing that pleases us Mexicans more than when a foreigner enters the bowels of our country to want to know it more and more, because we consider that someone who knows both the low neighborhood and the high neighborhood is someone trustworthy who deserves the cultural adoptioneven when you come from another continent, specifically to have fun in Mexico because you have heard that it is a great country.

Today that everything can be something mediatic, the truth is that we noticed that for some years, it became fashionable among foreign influencers to come to have fun in Mexico and then stay here to live. Perhaps before there were already people who migrated from their countries to this one, but we didn’t find out about it, because the culture of videos was not so strong and today it is a little more palpable. Some cases are korean vlog, the Italian Mr Banquet, Vagabum or the German g├╝ero Mou from the YouTube channel Don’t stain how rich!’