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The slow reactivation of the economy, inflation that stands at 7.29% and now also the drought, are factors that dangerously put pressure on the upward trend in the cost of corn and other agricultural products, warned the National Alliance of Small Businesses (ANPEC) .

According to the latest survey on prices, the ANPEC the price of tomato registers an increase of 83.33%, onion of 77.27%, lentils 62.5%, lemon 50% with which it continues its upward trend for which it comes to be quoted between 100 and 120 pesos per kilogram, serrano pepper 45.45%, potato 27.27%, orange 25%, egg 20%, beans 13.39% and avocado 13%.

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Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of ANPEC warned that this price behavior is a very bad sign for the family economy that can no longer withstand the inflationary impact of 7.29% and non-core inflation of more than 12%.

It should be noted that non-core inflation is responsible for measuring the behavior of the prices of goods and services whose prices are more volatile, such as agricultural products, energy, and rates authorized by the government.

The National Alliance of Small Businesses (ANPEC) has reiterated that the negative impact of the pandemic has not yet been overcome, which left a balance of 2 million bankrupt micro-businesses, more than 1 million jobs lost and 24 consecutive fortnights with inflation for above the target range.

This situation has caused an unstoppable rise in food prices and the cost of basic services, which has led most families to a condition of food insecurity and even large sectors of the population to suffer from hunger.

Added to this panorama is the drought that is plaguing a large part of the national territory due to climate change and that can endanger agricultural production and domestic food supply, commented Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of ANPEC.

Noting that the drought affects 66% of the national territory, Cuauhtémoc Rivera indicated that the pressure felt by basic products in the Mexican diet, such as corn, could not only increase the price of tortillas by between 7 or 8 pesos, but also It will also impact the prices of dairy and meat products, such as beef and chicken, as they are the main food used in livestock and poultry farms.

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He also mentioned that the Russian-Ukrainian war is charging a bill in the cost of energy, forcing the Mexican government to stop charging the IEPS on gasoline and diesel, which means that the public treasury stops collecting more than 45 billion of weights.

Cuauhtémoc Rivera pointed out that the increase in corn and wheat prices will also have an impact on the price of products such as snacks, bread, cakes and pastries.

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