Chicken with mole, a Mexican recipe with years of history

There is no corner in the province of Oaxaca (Mexico) without a representative mole of the area. Made from endless combinations of spices, nuts and chilies, Moles are a fundamental part of Mexican culture and roots. There are also other areas, such as Puebla, where they are highly popular. There is black mole, red mole, yellow mole, red mole and an infinity more along with white, green and other colored pipianes that have the same conceptual base.

They are intermingled with many other recipes that are full of history and culinary background, with a lot of tradition attached to Mexican guisanderas. Although mole has been one of the most popular dishes outside of Mexico, it is always difficult to find a good mole in Spainhappens the same as with the succulent tortilla soup, with the pozole or with Mexican fritters.

On the other hand, with mole have also come guacamole, quesadillas, tacos in many ways, aguachiles or wires, although not always made with Mexican flavor. The issue with mole is that its preparation is not easy at all and requires many indigenous ingredients, that’s why it is best to buy a ready-made mole paste in some Mexican store. If you wanted to make it at home, you would only have to get a mortar and all the required ingredients.

For example, to make a black mole Oaxacan style like the one used today for the recipe, it would take a mixture of chilies (guajillo, mulato, pasilla, chipotle, ancho, chilhuacles) and then nuts such as walnuts, almonds, peanuts and sesame and spices to taste of each one, among which oregano, black pepper, cloves are not usually missing , thyme or cinnamon. And, of course, the subsequent additive of chocolate or cocoa. Each mole master makes his own personal mixtures and then, the best thing is that you only have to mix that paste with a good broth and the nuts will do their job to give body to a delicious sauce. You have to control the addition of chili peppers because the moles do not have to be all very hot for no reason.

For the occasion, the chicken or turkey mole is made by first boiling the chicken or turkey and then using that broth to make the sauce. Nothing is needed as an accompaniment, but most of the time they put some tortillas and make tacos, like almost everything in Mexico.

Chiken with mole

Step 1

Boil the onion with the water and a little salt and the bay leaf, when it starts to boil, add the chicken and lower the heat to a minimum. Cook at a minimum for 15 – 20 minutes. The traditional thing is to use chicken breast, but the thighs tend to be juicier.

Step 2

Remove the cooked drumsticks from the broth and strain it. Reserve the drumsticks on a plate.

Step 3

In a large skillet, put the mole paste and begin to heat over low heat. Go crushing little by little to break the pasta and that it removes all its fats. Gradually add the chicken broth, stirring constantly with a whisk.

Step 4

Go incorporating broth depending on the density that we want of the sauce. Let the boil be very soft, stirring constantly. Season with salt when we already have the sauce with the desired consistency.

step 5

Add the chicken to the sauce, cover it well with it and bring to a very gentle boil there, over low heat. Serve with a little sesame on top.