Chicken in marinade in clay, a recipe worthy of master potters

At number 149 on Ignacio Zaragoza Street, in the center of Metepec, the Estrada Tinoco live and work, a family of potters of more than 4 generations who for 3 years have adopted lead-free glazes to glaze their clay pieces and also to make an intimate recipe: chicken in marinade.

And here in this house, how could it be otherwise, the head of the family prepares food daily, just as her grandmother and great-great-grandmother did: in clay pots, with the only difference that, today, these are 100% lead free.

Of casseroles and what is cooked in them: the chicken in marinade of the Estrada

Of all the stews that are made in the Estrada house, the marinated chicken stands out, a succulence that is cooked the same day that the already enameled clay pieces are burned in the traditional oven.

Accompanied by some beans from the pot, roasted nopales and some tortillas, this marinade is the meal that celebrates the success of the pottery journey that guarantees the continuity of the family tradition of the Estrada Tinoco family and their workshop “Los Tres Varones”.

The family recipe consists of frying garlic, onion, vinegar, guajillo chili and jaral chili in a lead-free clay pot, blending the ingredients with a little water, adding salt to taste and returning the mixture to the pot to fry in butter. pig

When the marinade has cooled, the chicken thighs and legs are immersed in it so that they capture all the flavor, color and seasoning of this delicacy.

Next, each piece of chicken is removed from the pot, lined with aluminum foil and covered with raw clay.

And so, once the cooking of the enameled pieces is finished, the clay balls stuffed with chicken are placed in the mouth of the oven, where the firewood that burned the pottery and that will now also heat the meal of the day is found.

After an hour and a half of cooking on the coals, the marinated chicken is ready to be eaten.

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