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Mexicans who can buy and consume some animal protein they prefer to eat chickenIt is the type of meat most consumed by Mexicans, reaching an annual estimate of 34 kilograms per capita.

In this way, Mexico is placed in the sixth position among the nations that most chicken produce, with an approximate of 3 million 593 thousand 313 tons per year.

The chicken meat is economical and versatilethanks to which it can be a key ingredient of very diverse cymbals What do Mexicans prefer?

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Your contribution of Energy is under and constitutes a source of essential amino acids and protein of excellent quality. contains saturated fatty acids me unsaturated and fatty acidsas well as vitamins and inorganic nutrients.

This is revealed in the book “El pollo, mitos, reales y servicios”, by the authors, the scientists María del Pilar Castañeda Serrano, Josefina Consuelo Morales de León and María Elena Sánchez Pardo, published by the National Poultry Institute (IN A).

The chickenresearchers cite, it is easy to acquire, since it can be found in various models of commercializationeither in the big ones mallsfrom self service, outlets, collections, markets established or those called overwheels, which are installed in the most remote corners of the country.

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the meat of chicken It has a smooth texture, it is easy to cut and chewit is easily digested and its flavor mixes well with many other foods; All this allows it to be considered frequently in the design of a recommended and correct diet.

In its 125 pages, the text offers readers everything related to production, properties and consumption from chicken in Mexico –including a delicious recipe book–, qualities that make this important protein one of the favorites of consumers. consumers.

Although he takes up that although there are myth about feeding the chicken and its fast increaselike the use of hormones for your productionsubstances that do not really need them and that in the book the specialists take advantage of to highlight that it is not used by poultry farmers.

According to scientists, due to genetic improvement the chicken fattening it is the most efficient species in transforming grains into meat.

This efficiency that the chicken has requires to be complemented by an adequate feedingoptimal environmental conditions and preventive medicine programs.

Therefore, the specialists clarified that contrary to a strong popular belief, they do not deal hormonesbecause when an ingredient or element is added to the diet of the broiler chicken its feasibility must be evaluated; that is, its cost/benefit ratio.

In addition, physiological birds they could not respond to an anabolic or hormonal product because their productive cycle is very short, from 35 to 49 days, say the researchers.

The experts cited that the economic reason for the increase in the costs of production by a product (steroid or hormone), which does not have enough time to see the benefit, is the main reason why hormones have not been used and will not be used.

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Furthermore, its content cholesterol is much smaller compared to other species and the breast only contains 1.3% of greasewhich makes it an option to integrate healthy diets including those designed by professionals to lose weight.

The authors emphasize that the chicken is a meat that can be prepared in many ways, ranging from roasting to more complex stews, a characteristic that has allowed the development of value-added products.

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