Chicken and egg will become expensive in Colombia: here are the reasons

During the last year, the prices of food in the family basket have risen uncontrollably. Inflation, added to the damage left by the blockades on the country’s main roads last year, they made foods such as eggs or chicken almost impossible to acquire.

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Why chicken and eggs are expensive in Colombia

Several analysts assured that this year prices will stabilize. However, the crisis in Ukraine, due to the Russian invasion that began on February 24made the raw materials that birds feed on, such as soybeans and yellow cornincreased considerably, reported La Rep├║blica.

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According to that newspaper, before the pandemic a ton of corn, soybeans and soybean cake cost about 171 dollars, about 641,000 pesos at the current exchange rate. Now, the same ton costs 347 dollars, about 1,300,000 pesos. That means an increase of more than 200%.

How much have chicken and eggs increased in recent years

Chicken has had a considerable increase since 2018. According to statistical data on wholesale prices from Fenavi, in 2018 a kilo of whole chicken was at about 5,876 pesos in January. In 2021 the price was 7,506 pesos.

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Regarding the kilo of breast. In August 2018 it was located at 7,780 pesos. Last year the maximum price reached 12,567 pesos in the same month. The same situation was evidenced with the pernil leg, which was at 6,204 in August 2018 and reached 9,777 in the same month of 2021.

The egg also increased in cost. In July 2018, one unit of this product, of the reference red egg A, It was about 236 pesos in Corabastos. Now it costs about 409 pesos, almost double, reported that association.