Chia crepes with oatmeal, a different and healthy option for your breakfast

Number of times we wonder what we can have breakfast quickly and easilymainly on busy work mornings, where time does not seem to be our great ally. Many times we try to keep a Healthy life, but, precisely, the rush makes us go crazy and in the end, we end up consuming something that is not nutritious at all and, what added to this, does not end up filling us up completely. For those days, there is a rich, healthy and very nutritious solution; Chia and oatmeal crepes.

And, probably, you are thinking; What’s so fast about that? well, because it really won’t take you long to make them and because of the kind of consistency and ingredientsIt is an option that you can also keep for a long time in the refrigerator. When it comes to health, we are talking about the combination of oatmeal and chia, which will be extremely high antioxidants, fiber and some minerals.