Chayanne shows off and prepares breakfast to celebrate Mother’s Day – El Financiero

came the Mother’s day and congratulations from celebrities are not long in coming. Now Chayanne ‘broke’ the internet with a very special appearance in the kitchen of her house.

The Puerto Rican singer advanced the celebrations of May 10 in Mexico and released a video in which he is preparing a dish.

Chayanne congratulates moms on their day

Dressed comfortably in a black tank top, comfortable light blue pants and a black cap, Chayanne opens the clip while remaining focused on his cooking.

“Wow, look how this is. In Puerto Rico they called him chef Pepín, I was little, ”says the Puerto Rican as he distributes an egg and sausage mixture in a frying pan.

With his well-known cheerful and warm character, the interpreter of ‘A century without you’ mentions that during this special celebration dedicated to mothers, it is up to her to make the preparations for the celebration.

“It’s Mother’s Day and I got to make breakfast today,” she said with a genuine smile.

Without losing attention on his omelette in process, Chayanne repeats the congratulations, but ends with a curious comment: “Happy Mother’s Day! But I eat this one myself, ”she adds with a laugh.

Chayanne on TikTok

The singer recently opened his TikTok account where he has only published three videos. The first was shared on April 28; in this Chayanne walks into a dressing room while saying “I know I’m late, but I got to TikTok”, while he shakes an alarm clock.

In the clip below, the performer of ‘waltz time’ he is on board his car; in the background a romantic ballad sounds and as the melody progresses the performer comments “Wow, that song… on the radio, I can’t believe it!” and immediately he begins to chant “To love each other well, love each other well, love each other well, love each other well, blended, we are in love”, a chorus that belongs to the 90’s theme ‘Completely in love’.