Chayanne makes breakfast for Mother’s Day and fans tell him ‘Dad is coming home’

Mexico.- Chayannethe boyfriend of all moms, posted a video in your account TikTok in which he appears making breakfast in the frame of the Mother’s day and some of his fans joked saying: ‘daddy come home’.

The 53-year-old singer appears in the clip of just 14 seconds from the kitchen of his house with a black sleeveless shirt, blue shorts and a cap, like any “lazy” Sunday.

The interpreter of “A century without you” wrote alongside the video: “Happy mothers day! Who else made breakfast today? #Happy mothers day”.

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Chayanne in his TikTok video for Mother’s Day./ Photo: Capture

Although in the video in which he prepares breakfast, he is heard saying while laughing: “Wow, look how this is in Puerto Rico, they call it ‘Chef Pepín’… this is Mother’s Day, I had to make breakfast today. Happy Mother’s Day! But I eat this one.”

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Chayanne’s TikTok video has more than 25 thousand comments, and in most of them they call him ‘dad’.

“Dad is back, when does the tour end?” “Dad is coming home.” “Daddy come home, my mommy needs you.” “Thanks for making breakfast today dad.” “I love you sir dad.” “Daddy come home.” “Until Dad makes breakfast.” “My mommy tells her to sing “a century without you” back in her day”. “Thank you dad, it was great for you”, are just some of the comments.

And it is that Chayanne is one of the most admired singers for his gallantry, his charisma, his way of singing, of dancing and because despite the passing of the years, he looks practically the same as when he debuted in music in the 80s.

Chayanne has released fourteen studio albums, from “Chayanne is my name” in 1984 until “I will be in everything” in 2014, including romantic hits and other dance hits like “Torero”, “I would leave everything”, “And you are leaving”, “Mother Earth”, “Waltz time”, “Tied to your love”, “Salomé”, “Your pirate is me”among many others.

Chayanne in images of before and now./ Photo: Google

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