Chayanne fulfills the dream of all mothers by preparing breakfast for Mother’s Day

Chayanne is one of the most iconic singers in Latin music. His smile, his dance steps led him to steal the hearts of all women, so much so that it is said that he is the ‘Dad of all of Mexico’. Now, the interpreter of “Torero” took advantage of his social networks to send a message to all the ladies on Mother’s Day.

Many of his fans dreamed of waking up and being able to have the Puerto Rican-born prepare breakfast every morning. Now, this dream has already come true, since the singer took advantage of mother’s day to wish the beautiful ladies a nice day while he had to make a typical dish for his wife.

In the video, Chayanne appears in a sleeveless shirt in the kitchen andexplaining what he is preparing for mother’s day and then joking around a bit and wish a nice day to all his fans who follow him on TikTok, the platform where he shared the video.

what did you do

“But just look at how this is. In Puerto Rico they called him ‘Chef Pepin’ haha, I was little. This is mother’s day, I had to make breakfast today. Happy Mothers Day… but I eat this one myself ”, can be heard in the clip where it is shown preparing a dish on the stove.

It must be remembered that the singer of “Tiempo de Vals” He has been married to Marilina Maronesse since 1992. Year in which they began to show the world how a relationship should be carried out when living in the world of entertainment. This couple is one of the most solid and beloved.

The singer and his wife, who was a beauty queen, currently have two children who little by little begin to make a place in the entertainment world. On the one hand, the two inherited the beauty of their parents; but for now only Isadora was the one who decided to follow in her father’s footsteps in the world of music.

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