Charo Vega makes an unfiltered review of her fellow ‘Survivors’ and confirms her favorite to win | Film and Television

The shower is part of our daily habits and many times we do not value the privilege of having it. The contestants know it well survivors that during their passage through the contest they have to do without it.

Charo Vega, who was the first to be expelled, has already been able to enjoy her first post-contest shower and has enjoyed it to the fullest. As if she were an inaccessible thing and a luxury beyond her reach, she entered the bathroom while she kept repeating, “wonderful, wonderful”.

Nor the moans of Anabel Pantoja when Yulen Pereira giving her a massage conveyed as much pleasure as Charo Vega taking a shower. “It’s a miracle, sir”, assured under the jet of water.

As he lathered his head, he couldn’t help but praise the benefits of a good shower. “My goodness, what I would have given for this. If they had let me take a shower for a day or two, I might have lasted longer.”, he assured.

We won’t know that anymore. We will remember her time on the island with that panic attack after being expelled and knowing that she had not finished everything because she could become the new parasite of Playa Paraíso.

Finally, the audience decided to give him his passport back home and that has allowed him return to relative normalcy with shower and breakfast. That other habit with which we start each day has been praised when it has been restored.

Your way through the contest

“Is this for real? Coffee, my mother, ”she said when finding an opulent breakfast after her expulsion. There was also a scroll on which invited him to make an analysis of his experience while enjoying the delicacy.

“The experience, as you have been able to see, and I feel it in my soul, has not been as I wanted it to be so much. It was one of my dreams to fulfill, I have fulfilled it and I have complied regularly, rather poorly”, she evaluated about herself.

Peer analysis

He claimed that he loved them Kiko Matamoros and Anabel Pantoja whom he had seen born. As to Reubenpointed out that “it is a special being, it is to study it”.

Martha Penate I think she’s a sweet, nice girl, we laughed a lot before entering, but she’s a troublemaker, I don’t know if it’s on purpose, if she’s a professional, of course, as an actress that girl is priceless”, He assured about one of the contestants who has had the most discussions.

For Yulen, Anuar or Alejandro he had nothing but good words. From Ignatius of Bourbon hinted that he was lazy. And refering to Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedrawhich he nominated from the start because “it was a bit incorrigible for us”.

But if you have a candidate to win the contest, that is Nacho Palau“so that these children are closer together and are as happy as they can be.”

We will see if your wishes are fulfilled. For now, she has to return to Spain and follow her contest from the set.