Charo Vega is clear who should win

Last Sunday, Charo Vega became the first definitively expelled from ‘Survivors 2022’. Before returning to Spain, the former contestant has already been able to enjoy a first shower, as well as a full breakfast and has recovered hours of sleep in a bed, after sleeping for two weeks on the floor.

“My goodness, what I would have given for this. If they had let me take a shower for a day or two, I might have lasted longer.” while showering. After this, the former contestant enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

“Is this for real? Coffee, my mother”, she said when seeing breakfast, before analyzing her experience as a contestant on ‘Survivors 2022’:“The experience, as you have been able to see, and I feel it in my soul, has not been as I wanted it to be so much. It was one of my dreams to fulfill, I have fulfilled it and I have fulfilled it regularly, rather badly”, he evaluated.

Charo Vega assured that he was very fond of Kiko Matamoros and Anabel Pantoja. As for Rubén, he pointed out that “he is a special being, it is to study him”. Regarding Marta, she explained that “Marta Peñate seems to me to be a sweet, nice girl, we laughed a lot before entering, but she is a troublemaker, I don’t know if it is on purpose, if she is a professional, of course, as an actress that is priceless little girl”.

While for Yulen, Anuar or Alejandro he had nothing but good words, of Ignacio de Borbón he insinuated that he was lazy. And about Ainhoa ​​Cantalapiedra, whom he nominated from the first moment because “she was a bit incorrigible for us,” he said.

As for his candidate to win the contest, for Charo Vega that must be Nacho Palau, “so that these children are closer together and are as happy as they can be,” he explained.