Change of hours affects some merchants

TIJUANA BC MARCH 13, 2022 (AFN).- Some merchants in the downtown area of ​​Tijuana agreed that due to the change in schedule, they were late to start work this Sunday.

In a tour of the Border News Agency through the stalls and stores that are in the vicinity of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, on Second Street, a tamale vendor said she was late to set up her stall.

“I make my tamales at night to boil them early, and it turns out that I made them, I cleaned my kitchen, which I always do, and I didn’t imagine I had to get up,” she explained.

Meanwhile, a seller of religious articles pointed out that it did affect her, noting that she did not arrive at the time she normally does, in addition to referring that only the first day of the schedule changes is when it affects her.

Likewise, another businesswoman commented that she was unaware of this change, in addition to the fact that it was also late. In the case of an “expert sobador”, he said that he was not affected, since he already knew about this change, and commented that technology helps, he said, “to be up to speed.”

On the other hand, traders from markets on wheels in neighborhoods such as El Pípila and El Dorado Residencial said they did not have many problems setting up this morning, however, they commented that there was a bit of confusion in certain cases.

For her part, Mrs. Gloria Vega, who has a Mexican food stall and settles in El Pípila on Sundays, said that she personally thinks that the problems with the time change are reflected more in those who sell food, Well, she argued that in her case, she and her family prepare all the food and side dishes on Saturday afternoon/night, which keeps them busy until very late and moving forward an hour means they will have less rest.

“Since five o’clock we are up and moving things from the stall, it took us an hour to accommodate the car, but now that we arrived at seven in the morning it was late and we saw that some friends and acquaintances were just arriving or arrived around eight. and the latest at nine, and although we joke that we fall asleep, it is true that advancing an hour prevents you from resting well and it can happen to you, we are human and we need to sleep, especially when the night before you are preparing everything and you finish falling asleep at dawn, but then you get used to it,” he told Border News Agency.