Celine Cake Design, colorful cakes for all occasions in Paris

By Rizhlaine F. Photos by Rizhlaine F. Posted Mar 22, 2021 5:06 PM

Celine Cake Design is this pastry shop in the 11th arrondissement of Paris that immerses us in a whirlwind of colors and delicacies. Layer Cake, Number Cake and other ultra-personalized creations, welcome to the marvelous world of cake design!

the cake design it is an art that is invading social networks. You have certainly already seen them, these trompe-l’oeil in various shapes that fool us until the last minute before turning out to be cakes terribly greedy, or these colorful pastries that reveal a real rainbow in sponge cake when you cut off part of it. You have probably had the desire to one day be able to find a creation so impressive for a great occasion. Today we reveal a good address in Paris for order a cake up to your ambitions.

We go to the side of the 11th district to discover the adorable boutique of Celine Cake Design. Here, a universe of sweetness opens up to you. On the front or behind the window, themed cakesfrom Cake Pop and little cake cute as everything unfolds. Here you have to expect the unexpected: giant hamburger, basket of vegetables, Harry Potter grimoire, and others unusual creationsas long as we do it in advance (maximum one week), Celine is able to meet all the challenges.

To guarantee the freshness of its pastriesCéline works on the decorations upstream and keeps the preparation of sponge cakes and creams for the same day of delivery. This is notably why the number of creations she can create per week is limited. You can call on her for vegan creations Where gluten freeand for any type of pastriesranging from diaper cake to cake design passing through the number cake. As far as flavors are concerned, Céline wants to work with seasonal ingredients as much as possible.

So you can opt for the following flavors: chocolate & chocolate shavings, Kinder Bueno chocolate or vanilla, salted butter caramel vanilla, chocolate or vanilla praline, speculoos, chocolate or vanilla oreo, white chocolate vanilla, coffee, coconut chocolate, or pistachio. On the fruit side, during our visit we had the choice between strawberry, raspberry, mango, passion fruit, lemon, pear or red fruits.

You will have understood it, if you are looking for an ideal spot for a personalized cake at a birthday for childof one bachelor/bachelorette partya marriagea baby showeror for any other occasion, it’s the right plan!