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A pastor, longaniza, suckling pig or roast meat. All types of Mexican tacos delight the palate of diners from all over the world, including Hollywood celebrities who have admitted their taste for this traditional food.

Such is the popularity of the Mexican taco, that March 31 was established as its national day, a way of recognizing the fame it has achieved even outside the borders. We tell you which celebrities can not resist this dish.

The most famous of the Kardashian clan is a great fan of Mexican cuisine. Every trip to the country is an opportunity to enjoy each typical recipe, but her addiction went much further and she even created her own vegan version of tacos.

“Mexican food is very good,” said Kim Kardashian in a past interview with US Weekly where she shared her own version of the recipe, which included delicious guacamole and corn tortillas. “This is what I’m eating now,” she said, enjoying the taste.

The heir to the Hilton hotel empire, perhaps the most important internationally, has shown her taste for Mexican cuisine every time she vacations in the country. In 2017, the socialite traveled to Mexico City with an obligatory stop at a famous taqueria located on Avenida Presidente Masaryk, in Polanco, as the first thing on her agenda.

Every once in a while, the celebrity pays homage to Mexican cuisine. On her Netflix cooking reality show Cooking with the Paris, she also shared her secret to making delicious margaritas. In one of the episodes recorded with the rapper Saweetie, she was surprised by preparing some tacos with shrimp, in the middle of the decorated set in one of her favorite destinations, Tulum.

The singer of Mexican origins has always shown her love for local cuisine. For her series on HBO Max, Selena + Chef, the singer called on expert Roy Choi to help her prepare short rib tacos perfect for breakfast.

Such is the pride that she expresses for her origins, that the famous also invited her friend Taylor Swift to show her the recipe. “If you don’t send me the recipe, we’re going to have problems,” said the interpreter of “Afterglow” when watching the preparation of the dish from a video call.

The singer is a huge fan of tacos and other delicious Mexican dishes. He even took into account one of his favorite places to taste them in his memorable video This Is How We Do that came out in 2013. “Santa Bárbara Chic, in the Super Rica, eating tacos, seeing beauties”, he expressed in the song that referred to a taqueria in California.