Celebrate spring with authentic Japanese cuisine

The sakura or cherry blossom represents spring in the Japanese tradition. This year, the restaurant Japanese cuisine Suntory launched a menu inspired by the freshness of flowers and other elements that are part of the season in the Japanese country, we will tell you about it.

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dedication to the craft

The japanese gastronomy is distinguished by the quality of the products, by making each dish a sea of ​​flavors and sensations, as well as techniques executed to perfection, where there are no loose ends.

The trajectory of the Suntory restaurant is well known, locals and foreigners come together inside to taste the authentic cuisine of Japan, prepared in Mexican lands. On this occasion, chef Makoto Murakami created a menu designed to share the essence of spring, hand in hand with a pairing with Roku Gin.

Photo: Suntory Special

Roku is a gin from japanese originfull of history and meaning behind each drop. It is made in a very peculiar way, in which, in addition to the base botanicals, six different infusions are made with specific elements.

That’s where its name comes from, which in Japanese translates as “six”. The infusions are made throughout the year, respecting the timing of the products. During the springcherry blossom and leaf are added to the distillation, and so on each season with the rest of the botanicals: sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sensho pepper and yuzu peel.

Photo: Suntory Special

The production is handmade, and at the end of the infusion periods, the assembly is carried out to obtain the final drink that reaches the hands of consumers inside the characteristic six-sided bottle, in which the ingredients that give life are engraved. to Rokugin.

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spring flavors

The designed menu consists of three dishes and three cocktails that reflect the symbology of the spring and that they accompany each other to get the best out of each one in a harmonious way.

The first dish consists of roasted rib eye, seasonal potato, harusame (glass noodle), with carrot shaped like a cherry blossom and asparagus to highlight freshness, while the sauce that bathes the preparation has sweet and spicy touches.

Photo: Suntory Special

The companion to this bite is the Slowly Count to Six cocktail, made with pacharán sloe liqueur, grapefruit juice and Roku Gin. The peculiarity of the drink lies in its ability to transform flavors, as each element of the dish highlights a new facet of its complexity.

The second course integrates tataki salmon with Manchego cheese covered with oba leaf, along with shrimp and mushroom spheres, and tempura vegetables with matcha salt. The pairing is the cocktailRoku Springwith a base of macerated blueberries, Roku Gin and cinchona water. Both are favorites on the menu, thanks to the subtlety and refinement of the flavors separately and as a whole.

Photo: Suntory Special

Lastly, the Futomaki. A roll with tuna, salmon, shrimp, cucumber and egg prepared and covered with nori seaweed, as a nod to the sushi enjoyed in the parks during the season spring. The closing is with a Passion Fruit Martini, whose ingredients include passion fruit liqueur, calpis, cranberry juice, blue curacao and Roku Gin. A velvety drink that cleanses the palate between each bite.

Photo: Suntory Special

This menu is now available in the restaurant Suntoryand will remain on the letter until April 30. You can order all three times or choose them separately. Undoubtedly, it is an opportunity to experience the sakura season in the city, through the flavors authentic.

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