Celebrate mothers of the Presidency of Zacatecas

With a pleasant breakfast, Mayor Jorge Miranda Castro celebrated this May 10 the working mothers of the Zacatecas City Council in the company of the honorary president of the Municipal DIF, Maribel Herrera.

In addition to wishing them a happy day, she endorsed her support, as they do a great job as mothers and support their homes.

Municipal authorities lived with the celebrated and led a raffle of gifts on the occasion of this traditional celebration, which concluded to the rhythm of the mariachi.

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In this way, the workers tasted food in the company of the different officials who head the main areas of the City Council, including Carla Maldonado, head of the Department of Urban Development and Environment; Laila Villasuso Sabag, Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism; Cecilia Monjaraz, from Social Development; Claudia Escobedo, director of the Municipal DIF. and Ruth Calderón Babún, municipal trustee.

In her message, Miranda Castro assured that the work of the current administration It would not be possible without the effort and dedication of each of the workers presentas he recalled that yesterday, Monday, the municipality approved the historic ‘Illuminated Capital’ program.

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He mentioned that the basis of actions like these are the hundreds of workers, for which he reiterated his commitment to establish an environment of peace and harmony within the administration.

For her part, President Maribel Herrera gave a few words, in which she asked that they continue to be an example of dedication and preserve the most valuable thing that society has: the family.

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