CCOO and UGT mobilize in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a protest breakfast

CCOO and UGT are mobilized in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a postal protest breakfast to make an appeal to society and institutions in defense of the public postal service and against the dismantling of Correos

· On March 16 CCOO and UGT have carried out a postal protest breakfast in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to denounce the scrapping plan that is being carried out in the public company.

· CCOO and UGT denounce that Correos is imposing a Strategic Plan oriented solely to the logistics business, abandoning the public postal service that Correos provides to citizens throughout the country and especially in rural areas of emptied Spain.

· CCOO and UGT will continue with the mobilizations against the dismantling of the Post Office, demanding that the company and the government commit to quality public postal services for citizens and labor rights for Post Office workers.

March 16, 2022

On March 16, CCOO and UGT have held a protest breakfast that has taken place in the Miller Bajo area to denounce the Strategic “Scrapping” Plan, launched in the Post Office, which imposes logistics/parcel business measures, abandoning the public postal service and making destructive business decisions for Correos as a public service and as a company, which are leading Correos to an unsustainable economic situation, chaos and organizational disaster that may cause the bankruptcy of a 300-year-old public service.

The consequences for citizens are evident, in the quality of the provision of the postal service, closure of offices and distribution centers, marketing of administration services in post offices, the exorbitant increase in universal postal service rates for 2022. And the labor consequences are also clear, turning urban and rural postmen and women carriers into precarious last-mile parcel riders, the suffocating pressure in post offices -now service offices for everything (insurance, financial services, lotteries, banks) that increase the queues of citizens and are provided with precarious hiring, the use of the Correos classification centers at the convenience of the Correos subsidiary, the workforce cuts -7 thousand fewer jobs in the global workforce (which is wanted cover up by turning 5,377 temporary staff into permanent staff, which does not entail an increase in the workforce, because more positions are eliminated than created ean), are clear examples of the precarious working conditions of the Correos workforce.

Specifically, in this Autonomous Community, 300 jobs have been lost in recent years, offices have been closed, worsening the quality of service to citizens, especially in rural areas of emptied Spain.

For all these reasons, the majority unions of Correos CCOO and UGT have taken to the streets to demand the reversal of this dismantling, that Correos be based on a public and sustainable postal model, that guarantees social and territorial cohesion, with sufficient financing, and that Correos become a modern public company (postal, parcel and diversification, not just logistics), socially effective and economically efficient, which obviously must entail a management style that is totally opposite to the current one, recovering social dialogue and negotiation real, which placed Correos at the levels of quality and management that the citizens of this country deserve.