caused delays of 10 hours

A service station in the United States gave away gasoline and breakfast. The madness of people to access the benefit.

A service station gave away Petroleum and breakfast: caused delays of 10 hours

Gifts are always welcome whatever they are. This happened in the United States, when a service station had no better idea than to give away Petroleum and breakfasts. A combo that apparently generated the desperation of the people of the place.

This unusual event happened in that country, when businessman Ernie Boch Jr wanted to help with free gasoline and breakfast in Norwood, a city of about 30,000 inhabitants in the state of Massachusetts.

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the great gift

A service station gave away gasoline and breakfast: it caused delays of 10 hours
A service station gave away Petroleum and breakfast: caused delays of 10 hours

The rise in fuel prices due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict affects the entire world. In the United States, the price of Petroleum it does not usually exceed US$1.20 per liter. Now its cost is much higher than in previous months.

For this reason, the businessman announced that he was giving away some 26 thousand liters of gasoline for the first customers. This initiative caused chaos in traffic despite the fact that the authorities were warned in advance that it was going to happen.

Although many thought that it was a joke, it was very true. But this was thought because it coincided with the beginning of the month and April Fools’ Day, but playing with the name of the day, Boch renamed it April Fuels, ensuring that it was a real action.

Many people believed his word and after 10 hours in line, they got their gift of free gasoline and breakfast, several of them had been waiting since the night before. The breakfast thing was because the businessman wanted to collaborate and also give away free food and coffee to all those people who took the time to wait and were patient with the situation.

As for the reason, Boch explained through the networks that he did it to “give people a break and put a smile on their face” after the general rise in gasoline prices.

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