#CatharsisFestival 12 restaurants to eat during your visit to Valle de Guadalupe

// By: Steff Fink

Thu May 12, 2022

Valle de Guadalupe is a destination with flavor, considered a place to visit to discover a thriving panorama of Mexican food. El Valle is great wine, yes, but it is also a cross between Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine; restaurants that pride themselves on growing their own ingredients; and wonderful, high quality, sea food.

The region is recognized as one of the richest areas in terms of wine production in the world. Bottles from the more than 100 families have gone on to win around 400 international awards for culinary excellence; while the way, rustic and traditional, with which they are handled have turned it into a focus of attention for all those tourists who know good taste.

So here are some of the must-see restaurants for you to enjoy during your visit to the Catharsis Festival.

They boast a not insignificant thing: all their food is sustainable. They only buy from producers that make correct use of resources, cattle from responsible grazing, beer production that does not waste water, in short: Drew and Paulina Deckman, chefs, are committed to the planet. The result is one of the most celebrated cuisines in Valle de Guadalupe, not only for its environmental commitment but also for its dishes paired with excellent wines, all from the El Morgor vineyard.

Chef Sheyla Alvarado creates Lunario’s menu to have a great dinner with simple ingredients that become a burst of sensations. Lunario was born as a space accessory to the Traslomita, but soon, thanks to Alvarado’s fine art, he became a force of his own. Alvarado is considered the best young chef in Valle de Guadalupe. From her menu, which is changeable like the moon, she recommends the crab taco served in a corn and pipián tortilla, or the most popular dish: beef tongue.

Small and contemporary Sushi bar, whose product is fresh and seasonal. It’s part of the Deckman’s project, the only unexpected Japanese restaurant in a vineyard. Chef Toshi Tsutada uses only sustainable seafood – if you’re looking for salmon or tuna, you won’t find them here. The decision opens up new and delicious opportunities: try unique fish from the region. The menu changes every season.

Chefs David Castro Hussong and Maribel Aldaco created Fauna with one idea in mind: back to basics. “The art is in the decisions”, they say, and it is a declaration of principles. Their proposal is from the garden to the table: they grow their own ingredients in the Bruma vineyard. Hussong is dedicated to savory dishes and Aldaco to desserts. You never know what will happen in Fauna, it is experimental cooking. What we do know is that it will be delicious.

The pioneering cuisine of the Bajamed style: the best of local flavors married to Mediterranean recipes. Chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero offers dishes such as suckling pig tacos, venison tartare or his delicious abalone chorizo ​​sopes in this house. The view of the vineyards is idyllic. Ideal for a meal with friends.

Animalón is a fine dining restaurant. The menu is for tasting and includes an optional wine pairing. Chef Javier Plascencia invites you to sit under a 200-year-old oak tree and lose yourself in the beauty of the landscape. You have to try the octopus in pipián, the kanpachi toast and the duck confit, or order the tasting menu with 4 to 6 high-end dishes. Wednesdays are the casual day, perfect for relaxing on a date.

Malva is the creation of chef Roberto Alcocer. Using products grown in the Mina Penélope vineyard, the restaurant offers a 16-course a la carte menu that includes surprises such as chayote aguachile or raw tuna with fermented chilies. You can order the tasting menu that is paired with the house wines.

Pasta with truffle oil, paired with a Baja wine: you couldn’t be more of a hybrid between Baja Californian and Mediterranean. Chef Angelo Dal Bon offers the best, and most authentic, Italian food in Valle de Guadalupe. A simple space that calls to have a good time.

Troika is a restaurant that does not require reservations. That, which seems so simple, says a lot about his spirit: relaxed, but without neglecting the details. The restaurant offers wine tastings from Vena Cava, the vineyard that hosts it. The beers are from Wendlant, Enseñada’s famed local brewery. From the menu you have to try the Maleficio toast, with fish, chocolate clams and octopus in black sauce, and as a main course, the porkbelly cooked with tzatziki and accompanied with flour tortillas.

Founded by chefs Jair Téllez (the master behind Mexico City’s Merotoro) and Andrés Blanco, Laja is a restaurant that casts aside conceit and serves food based on local produce. Everything, from the oil to the meat and fish, are from local producers. It offers a tasting menu with wine pairing: ask for it.

A restaurant located inside the incredible Encuentro Guadalupe hotel with a harmonious atmosphere, ideal for spending a great day in the Valley. Unique combinations of products, by the hand of Executive Chefs Andres Trujillo and Vanessa Franco creating spectacular and delicious dishes.

Finca Altozano

More informal in style, Finca Altozano is the hot spots of restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe as it offers a casual and jovial experience. The cuisine is like a grill with options such as grilled octopus with a touch of yellow lemon, an already obligatory dish on their menu; tuna toast with jicama or mesquite roasted quail, among other options. At Finca Altozano, chef Javier Plascencia has put a gourmet menu on the table, with many options to share.