Capulín: What is this fruit and what benefits does this fruit have for your body? here we tell you

If something has Latin America and particularly MexicoIt is a great variety of fruit. Yes, there are the usual ones, the ones we don’t consume as much and the exotic ones. Although we limit our consumption to fruit that we can regularly pay and the exotic sometimes we don’t even buy them, because they are very expensive, there are other jewels that are not so expensive, but that are still somewhat unknown, or at least for the millennials, centennial and digital natives that everything natural becomes new, violent and perfectible.

Why the generational joke? because there is actually fruit that have been around for a lot of years and that nobody was fighting until some tiktokers, youtubers or influencers, took out their content and suddenly BOOM! everyone wants pitahaya, pineapple or custard apple and they sell them as if they were new, but no, they have been here in American territory for many years. The truth is that sometimes Mexicans or Latinos in general ignore even the very flora that surrounds us, perhaps because it is always there or because of a lack of curiosity.